Weigh Day

Well…woke up from a good week…got on the scale first thing…face the music early…and I lost 7 pounds…..I got off and on three times…LOL  even turned on the light to make sure it was a 3 and not an 8….LOL  so I am thinking I had a lot of water weight on board and that is gone…makes me know that I am doing the right thing….someone asked me how I could loose weight because I had a soft ice cream cone one day….I said its all about moderation, calories in and exertion of calories out…  been eating between 1000 to 1200 all week and no eating after 6pm with the exception of popsicles…so back at it…I have been exercising at home and doing yard work….and sometimes that’s way more strenuous than an actual work out at the gym…..I can’t go swimming until my hand heals, well anyway the doctor mentioned it would be beneficial to keep it dry and clean till it heals over…so no gym for a couple weeks….I got another piece of cactus needle out of my wound…I took a picture and put it next to a pencil to show its size…hopefully that’s the last piece…its healing nicely!


Yard is coming together, we need more bricks to lay and my husband is having an issue with paying for delivery charges…not sure how he thinks they will get here, but until he decides I am okay not having to deal with them…LOL  I painted my milk cans for color in the yard….I need something bright and cheerful when I am outside….I love the look of the Mexican bricks and love cactus…however green and orange-ish bricks can only go so far…so here is a before and after of my yard art…lol


and the birdbath….it will add color for sure and water for our feathered friends…

12654523_10205512625795056_924713192864699506_nFinished area…YAY12717860_10205512625515049_5424524769351189257_n Birdbath surrounded by some of our never ending rocks the ladies who lived here before collected….most are petrified wood from the Flagstaff area….I have the birdbath sitting on some of the round painted pavers the concrete guy made…we know the Mexican bricks are not very level…LOL  oh well…they will settle…..really windy here today so we are hanging out in the house… life is good….

saw these on Facebook….loved them….


Later Gators…

33 thoughts on “Weigh Day

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  2. Kat, so very proud of the progress you are making! And I love the colorful milk cans – what a great idea to add the splash of color in the yard. Thanks for keeping us updated – and continue the progress – so wonderful! 🙂


  3. Are you ready? Here it comes …… wooooooooooooooooooot!!!!! Well done you – it’s hard getting back to something after a break but you did what you said you would and have a fabulous first week result to prove it! I love those milk-churns. It must be fabulous living somewhere sunny enough to take those vibrant colours. I’m presently assessing every house in New England in a bid to choose the perfect colours for this baby when spring arrives (says she currently looking at 2 feet of snow in the garden!) Hope those pesky spikeys have all been banished now. x


    • How long are you going to be in the states???? And the yards in the east are beautiful, of course after the snow melts..thanks and yes it felt really good to see a huge weight loss in the first week….but I am pretty sure it was a lot of ater weight….kat

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      • I’m here certainly until October (with the odd mercy dash back to Europe to see mother, daughters and others and make sure the progress on Marcoles is forwards) after that will see me in France for 6 months whilst Two Brains takes a sabbatical in Grenoble and then it’s in the hands of USCIS …. if they let me have this fabled Green Card when I will be here awhile longer, if not I will be the girl with her nose pressed against the glass for a while whilst he finishes up and leaves forever. Which would be sad seeing as he chose to become a Citizen. We’ll see. But I will certainly see the Spring and Summer and Fall here after the Winter and I certainly intend to make the most of the yard and pretty it up – he holds his breath but knows resistance is futile LOL!!!


      • Haha – that would suit my split personality down to the ground but I think I’d better do it their way … I know it used to be easier – when he first arrived in 1989 his first wife just got automatic Green Card status. Since 911 it’s got worse and worse the world over. I hear stories of other’s trying to join spouses in England, Sweden, Holland and it’s all like pushing water uphill. But no worries – find the good in every day and all will be well, say I (and I haven’t even been drinking!!)


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