Shout out to WBFM

Cameron over at commented on how he saw Easter eggs already in the stores in England….well I visited a store yesterday and we are getting ready here too…small shelf for St. Patrick’s Day and Valentines had one isle….but Easter was everywhere…this is 2 different isles and both sides were full…so commercial…..and cheap!!!  WELL….if you haven’t visited Cameron’s blog, head over, he’s a great chap and he’s doing wonderful things he is walking for …HENRY a great charity that helps the children  here’s a great video of him explaining all about it….  take a minute and give it looksee….. and head on over and say hello to him…..

Well tomorrow my new dishwasher gets here I am thinking it will have to wait because we stopped and ordered a full pallet of Mexican bricks, or adobe bricks as I was told today is the proper name, they will be here in the morning…500 beautiful bricks…we went and bought new gloves and are ready…LOL…I went a little crazy and painted my stepping stones….IMG_20160209_084552115_HDR not sure where they will wind up, but they are colorful, kinda looks like Easter eggs…LOL   and that’s the cactus that bite me….she had made herself know she is in charge and will not tolerate me touching her…lol since I took this picture I have tossed, well hefted these stepping stones into the flower bed in front of the house…this is one of the areas we are laying bricks…it will look nice when we are done…we will actually have to try to lay these a little flatter/level since we are using them as a walk way to the other side of the house…where there is another door…Ahem big sigh  will it ever end….

Doing well calorie wise….right at 1200 a day…and working hard outside…weather is getting warm…85 today…and windy…we will be up early and out when the sun rises getting the areas ready….I know why siestas came to happen…to hot to work in the afternoon sun….LOL

Well the washer has just stopped, I need to go hang the laundry in the Arizona room on a wooden stand…with humidity at 20% they will be dry by morning…

until tomorrow…..


21 thoughts on “Shout out to WBFM

  1. Laundry defines the different places I live – in England I was able to peg it on the line and the wind would blow it dry, or occasionally the sunshine but mostly I forgot to peg it out when the sun was shining because I was so gobsmacked that it was sunny. In France, I live at the moment in a small flat with no dryer so I put the clothes on an airer in the bathroom in winter and crank the heating up in that room overnight (the two tariffs mean that overnight is a fraction of the cost) and it will dry in time for me to switch it off at 6 a.m. The room is then like a sauna. Here in Mass I have a huge dryer with big knobs and buttons and it has taken me all this time to understand what they all mean. I could live in this thing it is so large. Each time I move I have to get used to another way …. I like the idea of yours 🙂

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