Well we finished one side of the property this morning and decided to take the rest of the day ( picture below) .we drove out of town about 20 miles, turned off the highway and drove east another 12 miles to Castle Dome, a huge volcanic plug that you can see from out backyard…lots of mines near here….below is Castle Dome


One of my favorite cactus, the beautiful Saguaro’s this one has to be over 50 years as they do not start to grow arms until that age, and with two arms probably closer to 80…they are amazing….I love the trident look….

12669703_10205534787869094_6539704891773531160_n mountains near the Dome12718286_10205534788229103_733547477688693116_n They built up a ghost town, its okay but I would rather just see nature  12743814_10205534788709115_5198199067039759744_n

The Sonoran Desert near the Dome..I am in love with this….LOL12743991_10205534787509085_4443840359556417481_n12744586_10205534789229128_5535211092624697023_n Teddy Bear Chollo Cactus….

Been a great week…lots of exercise, we ordered a pallet of adobe bricks (500 of them),( we call them Mexican bricks), to finish the side yard, got all but about 80 laid down in 2 days…dug up 3 stumps in the backyard, we thought we were going to have to have the stump man come grind them, however, they were so rotten we were able to uproot them…YAY  save us some money….so getting plenty of exercise..


This one was pretty deep had to cut off some of its roots…he other one was easy-peasy..a couple shovels of sand and poof it lifted out..


12742665_10205540853260725_541093143584744194_nthis is the finished side of the driveway…..YAY

.I also bought some weights since I didn’t bring mine from California…so working them into my routine during the day…been eating a little over 1200 cal each day, but I am hungry so I would rather keep myself satisfied than feel deprived..

The temperature is 88′ so my arthritis is better…my knee isn’t always happy with all the bending to lay bricks, a couple advil good as new…LOL I am experiencing numbness in my hands at night…I had a neck injury when I was very young, (5yrs old)3  crushed vertebrae’s I am always careful of my neck, but I am thinking I have overworked that area of my body with all the frigin, beautiful bricks, so ice and routine Advil for a few days…hopefully I will have a  better night sleep…not whining just stating some facts out loud so now maybe I will do something about it….LOL.

I got my new dishwasher yesterday and now my new sink just arrived so maybe if I am good, my husband and brother will put that in this weekend….fingers crossed….

The dog got a good clipping and I am afraid everyone in the neighborhood has Chika fur in there yard…it was pretty windy when it came her turn for a clip and bath…LOL

well I am rambling….so I will leave you with a picture of the sunrise this morning…

12715301_10205540854500756_2352412793515447170_n from our back yard….

Until tomorrow….


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    • I know personally the building that are there were not there in the 1990’s as my brother has been there and the only think on that property was an old trailer…even though they sweat these are the real buildings from thee 1800’s….kinda funny as you can see its new wood…I believe that there may have been a little group of settlers way back in the 1800’s but those building have long fallen down and trotted from the sun…..but the scenery was breath taking….your little town looked like the real thing…very quaint, mine looked like lumber from the local home depot!!! LOL

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  1. I love the area that you finished. It is so lovely and wow you have done so much work and we have seen so many things happen, the driveway, laying those pretty bricks! Love everything you have accomplished, very beautiful and homey! Sounds like you are doing so much work and also doing well in your eating! I am sure you are happy to have your dishwasher and ready for it to be put in! be careful with your neck and everything else dear! xxxxx


  2. I always look forward to seeing the progress you are making Kat. You and the hubby are proceeding with a great deal of energy – such inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures and your wonderful life – I very much enjoy hearing about both. Happy day to you my friend! 🙂

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