Weigh in Day…

Well since it was Valentines Day I thought I should weigh in a day early…LOL  so I lost 1# this week…pretty good I thought, considering I have been coming in around 1500+ calories  daily, even though I am getting plenty of exercise in the yard, its not the right kind….so I am going to buckle down this week and get back at it with a daily workout  routine….my friend Paul over at    https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/   is a great guy and is always encouraging exercise challenges for personal use….so I am going to his last challenge, well at least the part I can with the ole knee issue…so anyone looking for a good trainer with great workout ethics…check him out….

All’s well in the desert…great Valentines Day…we are going to start putting in the dishwasher and new sink tomorrow, of course I am using the word we very liberally lol…..YAY can’t wait to have a new sink to work in…the one I have is like the size of the one in the RV, just a little bigger…but not much…the one I bought is like a bathtub..it looks so big we had to re-measure it….LOL pretty sure all the pipes will need to be cut back…I am going to stay out of the kitchen and in the yard so I don’t open my mouth and try to tell hubby how to do it…we don’t always see eye to eye on things…lol so to keep the peace I will be outside playing in the dirt….

Later gators….



13 thoughts on “Weigh in Day…

  1. Thats the way Kat, don’t be beaten. I have had a similar experience. I am spending too much time wearing myself out doing the wrong things so I think a change is definitely needed here also. Going to see how it goes tomorrow after managing to walk today and only do a little DIY.
    Fortunately I am the one that does the “blue” jobs so don’t have to play out in the dirt when they are going on so I hope you keep yourself occupied as well as out of the way 😉


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