Another day in the Sonoran Desert Paradise…..90′ out, slight wind, perfect if you stay in the shade sipping on iced coffee….they are saying we are about 15′ degrees above normal…so warm out….but man is it nice…can’t apologize for the weather, it is the desert after all….spent the morning working outside in the yard…cleaning up the corners, my husband finished cleaning out his shed…we are actually taking a break from working on the yard….we need to finish the base boards…the dishwasher and sink are in but we need to finish the cupboards and frame the dishwasher in…that should be this week…the new sink is like a bathtub…LOL  its huge and having a dishwasher, well its a little like being spoiled for sure….we took a drive and went and checked out the other casino’s in the area, there are 3 all together…hubby walked away with $36 in 10 minutes…so we did good at the one we stopped at …this one is Paradise Casino right on the Colorado River





Colorado River, right in the middle of the border of California and Arizona, leaving the Casino…

…Seems Yuma is completely surrounded by agriculture… miles and miles of citrus trees and acres and acres of lettuce, kale, cauliflower and broccoli and that’s just what I could identify from the car. on the couth side of Yuma…and the same on the North side….amazing what a little water in the sand of the desert will grow…

Life is good, getting along on 1200 to 1500 calories…still getting plenty of exercise with yard work….even vacuuming the house turns into a sweat fest…LOL  enjoying the fresh vegies from the fields we drive by everyday…

Amazing at how much better the aches and pains are of my arthritis, however amazing at how much you can hurt when the weather changes…even if its warm out, but the changes are still effecting my hands and joints…today I can’t make a fist without pain…but on the whole I am better and less pain…yay….

well now I am rambling….

so until then….





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    • OMG that is such a beautiful place….cold but beautiful….we traveled all over the state and fell in love with the aspens….they are mesmerizing to sit and watch in the wind….and all the beautiful colors of green, and the mountains…I was pretty smitten with the state myself…can you tell….LOL

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  1. Well we had 55 here on Tuesday so chew on that 😉 I could definitely get into that lifestyle and I am so glad it is working out for you. I love the images you paint and I’m very glad one of them is now a dishwasher 🙂

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    • ME too!!! I just emptied it and I felt like a frigin Queen!!! LOL not that I can’t do dishes by hand….LOL I am not that much of a diva….however I love the way a dishwasher cleans u a kitchen all in a little white box….and I will trade you temps…I am a sun worshiper from way back, I no longer practice know that I am older and wiser to melanoma, but I still love the cold weather….have a fantastic weekend….kat

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