Well its Friday….weekend coming up, for so many that means off work, regrouping for the next week….kids games, adult games, bars, clubs, sleeping in….whatever it means for all of you, I hope you enjoy it….for me, we are going to an art exhibit in Gateway Park on the Colorado river and then over to the Scandinavian Faire at the Civic Center….should be fun…at least good food at the Scandinavian faire….yum….

Weather is overcast, we get the clouds from the storms coming onto the shore over by San Diego….they get the rain, we get the clouds and some wind…makes for a muggy day here…we have been under cloud cover since yesterday and should be done over this afternoon….

Eating is going ok…could cut back a little more if I tried…but what’s the fun in that…LOL  arthritis is okay, with the higher humidity seems it effects the joints…all in all doing fantastic…

getting the urge to get wet so I expect I will be in the pool soon, most of the projects that I can help with around the house are completed and the ones left are for my hubby and brother…so I am not feeling like I am leaving my sweetheart to do all the work…plus I would be doing the pool early in the morning…be there and back before he gets dressed…





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