Been a busy day…we removed the inside screen door (wasn’t using it and it needed to be gone to let the dryer fit as it couldn’t close…We lifted the dryer up and into the front door and was ready to plug it in and have a working dryer…but of course everything we do has to be the hard way….the plug in was wrong for the plug on the dryer…so we went to 5 different hardware stores looking for help….no help found…bought what we thought, well what my husband thought it needed to fix the problem…it didn’t I spent a hours returning parts.. so much for getting that little project out of the way…hummm….. the landscapers will be here in the morning to get the frame work ready for the concrete to come to poor a pad for the back steps…well poor it into wheel barrows that will be wheeled to the back on the house…and an electrician coming to give us an estimate for hooking up the dryer, we need to rewire a 4 prong to a 3 prong…whatever that means in real life…LOL  I am not an electrician. Its killing my son, who lives in California and is an electrician not to be here to help..can’t be everywhere all the time…we have a nice lady coming from a company that can explain the water softener to us…LOL  it is completely out of our element….I tired to watch  u-tube videos about how to set them, but it blew right over my head…LOL my husband wouldn’t even try to learn…LOL its going to be a busy day for sure…the lady we ought this house from came by to check out what we have done to her aunts home…she was amazed  at how much we have done…LOL  she said her Aunt is looking down and smiling at how much love we have poured into this place….

Finished today off with 1019 calories…doing well, more energy returning and back in control…

so until tomorrow….just owning up to life….kat….


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