Sunday night….the Oscars…..been a wonderful weekend….beautiful weather….spent part of the day at the Arizona Market….a giant outside market full of everything…..we went tour favorite  vegetable stand….picked up some pablano chilies and fresh tomatoes…my brother and his wife love chili rellanos as much as I do, so I thought why not….they take time to make but are worth every bite…..

Home made sauce for them….12038207_10205639279041308_3468052361643765226_ncharring the chilies.. 12805967_10205639279201312_5162049241544289550_n

They are cleaned and stuffed with monterey jack and mozzarella cheese in the fridge waiting to be finished tomorrow….more pictures to come….

Food has been okay….I did have kettle corn today…they have big kettle corn stands everywhere….one of my favorite foods…popcorn….and kettle corn  at that…I have been doing okay…. I have stopped journaling for the rest of the month…I will start on March 1st….I have no reason to why I stopped, but I think I needed a break…I haven’t been eating the best foods, but again not the worst…mostly just to late in the evening…maybe to much popcorn…but that’s roughage right!!!  So starting on March first…I will rein it in….get back on the path of weigh loss….start exercising….no excuses….

Weather has warmed up again…no wind….its wonderful actually….sure helps the joints move better…our landscaper got sick on Saturday and left to go to the MD…so hopefully he will be back in the morning…

so until Tuesday…..kat



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  1. I’m virtually hyperventillating at the thought of those chillies …. yummerlicious! Popcorn isn’t a killer – Madonna lived on it and it alone in her early days dancing in New York – she used to go to all day movie showings and buy a big tub because it was the easiest way to feed herself cheaply! Love her or hate her, she was and is pretty svelte 😉 As for the diary – you do what you need to do Mrs Lovely. You can’t be good all the time and the diary will make you feel bad about yourself. Take a break and come back to it when you are feeling in the RIGHT frame of mind. You have had so much upheaval and change and activity I’m amazed at how quickly you are back on it at all 🙂


  2. I watched an edit of the Oscars last night. It was a bit disappointing, I thought, and fairly predictable. I am glad for Leonardo diCaprio but thought it was funny the way the camera kept panning to Kate Winslet as if Jack and Rose are still an item :-).


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