Day 31…

Last day of the challenge I put upon myself, post every day for month… fulfilled its purpose, I am somewhat back on the path…I lost another # this morning, couldn’t help myself, I just felt lighter…LOL  so I went ahead and weighed…….I am much more aware of what I am consuming….so all’s good…..I bow down to those of you posting everyday for a year….. thanks for all your encouragement and helpful advice to get me back on the road of weight loss…..

Well I have been cleaning my pictures on my phone, I cracked the face of it and will need to replace it soon and cannot get my computer to download all the pictures…so I been sending them to my Facebook page….in the process I came across a couple pictures of myself…one at my highest weight before I started on my health path in January 2015 ( The picture was taken on…the second was at Thanksgiving (2015) time when we bought this place….I am sitting in our new yard…at this point I have lost 66#’s….I can really see the difference….but here I am…Hello everyone…The chin and jowls are part of the family genes handed down…LOL  can’t wait to compare when I loose the next 50#’s…

me beforeme after

This is our home in California…I miss it, but not the damp weather….my husband bought this house in 1974 and added the second level on it shortly after buying it…really miss the garage….LOL  the throw all place….LOL just wanted to share….

house in cal.jpg

Later Gators….kat

Day 30

Wow the 30th already….this month has flown by!!!  Only one more day left….

Been a good day….coming in right at 1500cal…I have been fighting allergies with the winds we had so I have avoided the pool…I am finding its better to stay our of the wind for both my husband and myself…they keep a warning up on the weather website about air quality alert….guess I should pay better attention and I am sure as many of you have pointed out that barometric chance is reeking havoc with all our arthritis, dog, husband and myself…

Okay pictures…..these are before inside the carport to the Arizona Room, that’s one of the places we sit out of the wind and sun…


these are after….

back steps

Okay before in the back yard…before deck

platform for deck This is the slab for the deck…

decklooking down at the deck formsdeckThe deck….12800228_10205808943842822_8388388485145221097_n These are the steps to the kitchen…we can still pull the car in the carport out of the sun!!!dicks cacA 7′ cactus with blooms at my brothers house…really beautiful..

field bus

This picture needs to be in every grocery store, a day workers farm bus and toilet and wash station being pulled in the back…I recently met a day worker and was able to ask the question I always wanted to know….do they go to the toilet in the field when they are about a mile out in the rows working….he said absolutely not….you are not even allowed to spit in the dirt…you haul your bum up to the truck, you wash your hands before you go in the toilet and on the way out…they watch you like a hawk…he said there is no second chance if your caught spitting or worse in the fields…your fired and put on the bus….he also said if they come across wild animal dung in the field, they report it and 5′ is measured out in all directions from the pile and it is all bagged and taken for destruction …so… I was so happy to hear that it is a very serious issue  and they are vigilant about it….whew is all I can say….I still wash all my produce almost to the point of ruin…LOL  but its clean when I eat it…just wanted to share….

Have a great day….and see you all tomorrow….

Day 28

Just another manic Monday…been playing in my head all day….LOL   weigh day….I lost 2#’s…..very happy with that…I upped my calories so it doesn’t surprise me that it is coming off slowly…but 2#’s loss with the feeling of being satisfied with my intake….all good for me…

We are having a dust storm so we kinda hid out in the house and watched the mountains disappear behind the cloud of dust…I started to the pool, but turned around and came home…it couldn’t of been healthy to be out in the dust….but been a great day calorie wise under 1400 and feeling great….

crazy how the arthritis flares up with the dust storms, or any little change in the weather down here…the humidity is at 38% which is really high here, however still under normal, I believe that has a lot to do with the bones and joints aching…

the carpenter is gone, paid and on to his next job…hopefully I will be able to get some pictures tomorrow….maybe…still suppose to be windy….back deck is wonderful….I did sit on it over the weekend before it was done and greeted the sunrise on the mountains…so I know how much time I will be spending out there….

Until tomorrow enjoy!!

Day 27

My oh My Easter has come and gone….we went out for a nice lunch…and I am over the 1500 cal mark…so all in all a good day for a holiday…..the pool closed at 4p so didn’t make it there…been a wonderful peaceful day…..watered out behind the fence and this is what I found blooming out there….these are a type of chollo’s…really are pretty…


So hope everyone had a wonderful Easter…until tomorrow…kat

Day 26


Happy Easter….hope you all enjoy the day….

Been another nice day….got an hour of exercise in the pool…it was empty…only 3 of us at one time…very nice…so that felt great…I also was able to get a tour of the other pool…some of the volunteer board members were there…they were very nice and kind….even asked me if I wanted to stay and swim…really clean and worthy of a change….I am at 1468calories…I ate a very healthy salads and fruits most the day to clean out the brownies from last night…LOL  I know I woke up with a carb  hangover that’s for sure…so no more of that BS!!!

Until tomorrow…….images

Day 25…..

Happy Good Friday to you all..   Under my calorie quota…at 1106 and already counted in the piece of pizza and 1/2 cup of ice cream I am having later….it is Friday night and that’s game night with brother and his wife along with another couple they went to high school with…LOL  they are bringing pizza and ice cream…I did not go to the pool today…I have been dealing with charlie-horses in my  lower legs.(calves to be exact)..they are rebelling against all the jogging in the pool….LOL….so I will go in the morning….up and out the door at 8a..beat the crowds…I will go do some upper body weights and get something in today…..otherwise all is good once again on my weight journey…I am noticing parts of my person changing, rather shrinking again…yay

Its been a nice day…in the 90’s….back deck over half done…cant wait to spend the morning out waiting for the sun and getting in a little meditation…..will be very good for the soul!!!  This is our final project for awhile…I am ready to get out and explore the area and maybe get a few days in up north to the Sedona area…we have never been there…

arthritis is under control with naproxyn daily and using creams and gloves….it seems when the wind comes in we all get sore and achy…hummm  something to do with the barometric pressure I am sure…even the dog was limping a lot more than usual….

Happy Weekend everyone…until tomorrow


Day 24

Another good day in paradise….went swimming….worked out for 40 minutes and then chit chatted with some of the woman floating around on noodles…LOL  I found out there is another pool here near our home…it is only 12$ a month and you get a key to come and go as you please…no work out room, but lets be honest at the place I am paying 45$ a month the machines I could use is extremely limited, I counted 3…I can’t use the elliptical or the treadmill as it hurts my knee and they have a pull down I can use, of course free weights and a couple others that have to do with abds….I am thinking I would rather invest in a home security system over the machines….I have to give to get…so I am changing pools in April…there I talked myself into the change just like that…LOL  I have free weights and a big blue ball…I will do just fine…    its been a busy day…started by laying more bricks, got a good work out with that…so  that was good….and then the pool….food is around 1500…I was hungry today….so I had a wonderful fruit salad…put me right over the quota…so its all good…

Hope everyone was able to get a glance at the moon last night….it was so big and bright here…it was amazing…heres a shot I took as I was twirling….LOL



Here is a bloom on one of brothers cactus, a Santa Rita…I have a start in my yard and hope to have blossoms next year….


Until tomorrow

Day 23

Another windy day in desert paradise….it was so windy at the pool that it was blowing plastic chairs all around…but I got my 45 minutes of exercise in and some hot tub time….sure feels good to be back in the water…I went right after the water class, and there was only 6 women there, and then down to 2….so I almost had the pool to myself….very nice….gonna make a habit of getting there early….but I must say the inside of the gym was very busy….I will eventually get to the inside to work out but for now I am very happy with the pool….I forgot to mention that I was under 1200 calories yesterday, and I am today to!!  I am feeling so much better….I am still working on getting all the toxins that were in my system out, but out they go!!!  Its not that I was eating bad food, however there was some ice cream involved, but just over eating and way to much yeast products…I love bread products, however my body craves them….so I need to keep away from all white sugars, and all yeast product…I am sleeping better and waking up with a clearer mind….yay…..its working…..

Well its a full moon tonight…and one of my favorite…a crow moon….I urge you all to step out and do a twirl and send healing thoughts to Brussels… only takes a moment of you time… all know I will be out doing a jig for sure….


Arthritis is acting up with all the winds and cooler air…..but with creams, gloves and advil its all under control…I am not one to complain about my aches and pains…just –  chin up and carry one wants to hear me whine about my aches and pain and that.there are so many that are worse than myself…that deserve our healing energy….

Wow that was going to get deep…do on a lighter subject….remember clothes are optional for dancing under the moon….

mrsmendymac   if any of you follow Mendy…I would appreciate a shout out to her from me…I cannot no matter what I do reach her through WordPress…keeps telling me that there no such blog…????  Thanks….

Until tomorrow….my heart  aches for Brussels…..

liebster award

I was nominated months for the Liebster Award by  Jenny @    If you haven’t checked out her blog, go ahead, jump over and say hello…she is a sweetheart!!!

The Rules:

  • Thank your nominator and tag them in your post(s).  DONE
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.   DONE
  • Nominate 11 blogs with less than 1000 followers. YOUR ALL NOMINATED
Questions for My Nominees:
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What book are you reading now and do you recommend it?
3. What does your favorite coffee or tea mug look like?
4. Do you prefer modern or traditional art?
5. Retail shopper or online shopper?
6. If you could do something really adventurous, and knew you’d be okay, what would it be?
7. What is the kindest compliment anyone can give you?
8. Are you athletic? Favorite sport?
9. What is your favorite quote?
10. How have other bloggers encouraged you?
11. Imagine a peaceful place. What does it look/feel like?
Answers to the Questions:
1. Why did you start your blog? to have somewhere to journal my path to weight loss
2. What book are you reading now and do you recommend it?   The Fablehaven Series…easy reading and great fantasy, check it out…Brandon Mull
3. What does your favorite coffee or tea mug look like?  Bought at the beach on our wedding day….after our ceremony in our garden with family present, we all went to the beach and walked in the ocean….fantastic day!!!!  MY favorite mug…
4. Do you prefer modern or traditional art?  both really
5. Retail shopper or online shopper? online all the way!!!
6. If you could do something really adventurous, and knew you’d be okay, what would it be?  sky dive
7. What is the kindest compliment anyone can give you?  that I am a kind, caring person
8. Are you athletic? Favorite sport? I used to jog and run until my arthritis crept into my knee…now it is swimming
9. What is your favorite quote?  this is just one of many..
10. How have other bloggers encouraged you?  the WordPress community is so full of the most caring, encouraging people, its truly wonderful to be part of the community….always nice things to be said and when you need a swift kick in the arse…well your all here for that too!!!  I appreciate you all…
11. Imagine a peaceful place. What does it look/feel like….warm sun…tall trees rustling in the soft winds, the smell of the ocean, and sounds of the waves crashing against the sand…maybe a gull singing his song…and can’t forget the sound of kids laughing, not screaming, but pure blissful joy, laughter…..
Thanks Jenny this was fun….love participating,…..