March 1st

Well its been a trying day….I started it with my normal coffee and vitamins, however I added a couple extra vitamins to the mix and it left me with a very sour/burning stomach all day…learned my lesson from that…I will break them up over the day….and make sure I eat with them….I weighed and am at the same weight I was a week ago…nothing gained, nothing loss….so in my book that is a win-winΒ  I am at 1500 calories and the day is over…I did a little exercise outside moving heavy cement pavers around…worked up a good sweat! so that was good….it was 94′ out today…beautiful desert day….suppose to be hot all week so that is nice….not much else to report….I was hoping to get to the gym today and get on my way with it…maybe tomorrow…

For the month of March, I want to try to post everyday and be accountable to myself…I need to get back into some sort of routine regarding my exercise and eating….no better way than to own up everyday…..

until tomorrow


9 thoughts on “March 1st

  1. Well done Kat, back on track. Keep this positive frame of mind and you will so easily succeed.
    I won’t wish you luck because I know you don’t need it, you are a strong willed lady who will absolutely reach the goal you have set.
    See you tomorrow in your blog!


  2. Kat, you are staying busy and holding yourself accountable – all good things. I look forward to hearing more about the progress you are making with yourself and your new surroundings. Happy day to you my friend. πŸ™‚


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