Day 2….

Doing well….made a call to the gym, the pool was closed die to cloudiness…??  not sure what’s that about, they advised to call back in the morning…so I shall!!!  Glad I didn’t drive over there all hyped to jump in the pool to be turned away…

Great food day, I am at 1063 calories and finished for the day…I am going to make an early night of it…gotta good book I am reading…LOL

We went out for lunch at a 1950 diner….not bad…fresh food at least….stopped at our favorite vegetable stand….they informed us that on April 29th the watermelon, cantaloupes and sweet corn will be in….so looking forward to that…brought home a huge bag of lemons, lemon water is on the menu for the month….so that was good…I think I will squeeze some in my ice cubes as I freeze them….seem I have ice in everything I drink…LOL  in the low 90’s today….great dry heat….

We are planning to head back to California in July, made all our MD and dental appointments today…we just aren’t sure if we are heading north to see my sister or not…kinda depends on fires, weather and all that fun stuff…last year we were running from smoke the entire time we were on the road…we won’t do that again…

waiting on the gentleman who is laying our bricks…I texted him to see how he’s feeling…its no fun to work when you can’t breath…so fingers crossed he will be back at it soon….

Well checked in…doing well, hope your all having a great week too!

until tomorrow…kat



12 thoughts on “Day 2….

  1. Seems it all is going well for you Kat. I know you are looking forward to the bricks being laid and the pool being open again. All will work out, glad you are having a great week. 🙂


  2. Sounds like all is well. I like that idea of the lemon in the ice cubes. I am glad to see your post here each day! I worked once this week and am going in again today. I hope you have a great day! Love, Lynn xxxx


  3. And she’s off! Well done – the definition of success is getting back in the saddle and heading down the road after a fall. It is to me, anyway! Can you fit a skype in this morning your time? Best for me would be about midday my time which I think is 10 yours …. 🙂


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