Day 3

Thursday…..good day….I am at 1274 Calories….doing well….drinking lots of water…I was going to go over and swim, however I called yesterday, pool was cloudy, called today, good news the cloudiness is gone, bad news they had to add more chemicals, cloudiness was from all the sunscreen oils used….bad news more chemicals added to the pool….so I passed…..I am going to have to let that one set for a week or so before I decide to swim in a chemical cesspool….not very inviting…

Exercised last night before bedtime…so at least I am getting some exercise in….

weather is warm and muggy…we have clouds coming in from the western storms…they are even threatening rain on Monday…we could use a good rinse off…

well I am off here, no new news…well except I am still on track and doing well….hope your all having a great day too….kat


9 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Kat, I think that cloudiness invaded my brain. I’ve been feeling a bit worn out, Annoyed with the heat and feeling achy. My daughter is barely eating and grumbling and son is glued to Minecraft. It’s just the sort of weather than makes you flop and do nothing and yet who can get away with that?
    I did write a post I was really pleased with about a french chocolate shop where I grew up which makes the most amazing Easter rabbits every year. I photographed the kids in the shop ten years ago when Mister was 2 and my daughter was only 10 weeks old. So special! Mister turns 12 this Tuesday.
    Hope you’re having a great week!
    xx Ro


    • Wow 12….where does time go…I remember my son turning 12, he is now 29…my baby is all grown up…hope the weather cools off for you….I know ours is only going to get worse….k


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