Day 4

Well first…its day four and I am still struggling to fight the rebel bitch who tells me its okay to eat, not to listen to myself….it won’t hurt you, its just a piece of pizza….what the hell!!!    I can’t believe how hard it still is to be in control…its a cop-out to say I will be back at it tomorrow…no problem…but here I am saying tomorrow is a new day…aghhhh!!!!  I won’t say I feel like a failure as I am holding my own on the scale, but this one good day, then one bad day…isn’t very healthy!!!

On to the fun stuff….we went to a pow wow today….we arrived at the school and thought it started at 10a…we got there at 10:45 thinking it should be in full swing…we were ushered into the gym where the woman and men were doing the opening chants…no one in the bleachers…fantastic, we eat everyone….so we say and enjoyed the opening and checked out the others in their full dress outfits…then all hell broke loose….there were streams of students coming into the gym. teachers directing them, it seemed like an endless stream….then a light bulb went off in my head..dud!!!.we were part of a school assembly, it was Friday….and I quickly checked the website and the Friday pow wow started at 7p…this was a little show for the kids….we stayed for the first 3 dancers and left….we are going back tomorrow for the real show…LOL   man being retired is really sad, as everyday is Saturday & Sunday…LOL

these are the princess of the Pow Wow

10632674_10205668590654080_8878028278907572619_n12111939_10205668687816509_4252602818023081342_nShe is the Navajo Princess

Hopefully more to come after tomorrow…

over in Parker AZ there are wild burros, they are characters…we fed them some bread and apples and they wanted more…they are at the window begging in our RV they were hilarious…this was from last year on one of out outings…..


well, until tomorrow….a few mantras I am telling myself….




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