Day 6

Sunday….day of upcoming wind for us…possible gust up to 58mh..we have warning of dust storms on all the roads around us… .so we are inside looking out of the fish bowl…we have everything picked up outside, tied down and ready for the wind…we are getting the west coast storm moving east….watching the race in Las Vegas which just restated due to rain…they said they won’t stop it for the wind….the camera men are tethered to there post….crazy……

Been another good day. coming in at 1017 calories and very full and satisfied…I been measuring and am weighing everything…it helps to get the scale out and all the measuring cups and put them on the counter in my way…LOL helps  keeps me accountable…I generally guesstimate my measurements, but for a while I will go back to the true measuring system….I am feeling better already, didn’t sleep any better but that has much to do with achy joints, shoulders especially, change in weather…I have my dinner already all measured out and ready to throw together….back to no eating after 6p…my rebel wanted a full tummy to sleep on like a baby last night…but I just kept the water close and stayed true to myself….sipping on pumpkin spice tea today…yum…..

Looking forward to the new week, staying on track…hopefully the guys will have some time to come work on the bricks and yard….they are concrete layers and they can’t work in the wind and rain…so lets hope they show up tomorrow…..I think my brother has finished his beg project at his house and will be able to come over and help us get the steps built and finish getting the dishwasher installed….it needs to have the cabinet around it built and be bolted in…I hate waiting on others…but sometimes it just has to be done….patience is not  one of my better qualities…LOL

I will leave you with a couple pictures of the area around Tucson and Arizona, I took these last year when we were over there…

.this one was after it rained all night in Casa Grande, AZ. we were heading to Florence, Az. earlier in the morning….


The one below is a part of Organ Pipe National Monument on the south side of Az. right next to Mexico…the tall cactus or organ pipe cactus…beautiful cactus..this was on the road to the park…


The one below is in Tucson, this is on the road to Gate Pass over the hill into the city limits…one of my favorite spots in the Tucson area….


This is just a huge saguaro along side the road somewhere in the southwest, remember they have to be over 50 years before they even start to think about sprouting an arm, so I am guestimating this one must be close to 100…..he was begging for a picture!!!!


So these are some of the reason I love the southwest…I never get tired of taking pictures of the desert landscape…..

until tomorrow


33 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Some amazing views there Kat, you are truly lucky to be living where you do although not sure I like the idea of 58mph sandy winds blasting across everything…..
    Glad you are sticking to the new regime, I bet you will feel even better when you get back in the pool (once it’s regarded as chemical free….)


  2. The one weather I am not good at is wind. As a small child I used to complain ‘it’s winding’ and I never quite grew up so I never quite grew out of it. It’s wonderful to see these images – I never tire of you posting them 🙂


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