day 10

Well day ten…I am at 1500 calories…doing okay…worked up a great sweat outside playing in the bricks and sand…LOL    I upped my calories as I was not able to stay at 1000 more than one or two days and then…..up they go….so I am going from 1200 to 1500, well lets say I am trying to stay in that range….

Another beautiful day in desert paradise….blue skies, no wind and the sun was doing her best to give us a sample of what’s to come…LOL   gonna be a warm summer according to everyone we speak to…I just checked Facebook and there are several pictures of the flooding going on back at home…

this is the road to a park where there are great walking paths…on the edge of town…


this is pictures of the county we live in…it really is a beautiful place….it was on Facebook …I do not know the photographer in any of these pictures…


another part of the redwoods flooded….this is about 20 miles from our town…


Above is the Russian River over flowing its banks…this is a river on the way to the beach….about 15 miles from our town….

This is the estuary near our home…same photographer…I am really missing some great sunsets…LOL


this is just about 3 miles from our house…no need to worry, this is a huge Laguna which always floods during the rain…looks worse than it is…but much more it will be over a major road to the west side of the county…..


Just wanted to share some photos of home…don’t miss the cousin at our house says all’s fine, no flooding…just a lot of water out in the yard…sump pumps all working just fine….so while they area dealing with soggy, wet, damp weather….we are enjoying the low humidity warm weather… I feel guilty….not at all…LOL

until tomorrow….kat



32 thoughts on “day 10

  1. Can’t believe all that flooding. Amazing pictures. Sounds like you’re still winning the food battle. Never give in! I was gone a while as you know so I don’t know where you stand on joining the health club. Regardless, I know you have kept yourself moving and staying busy.


    • Haven’t gotten over there yet….with the work on the house and yard, I don’t feel I can leave my husband with all this, even if we have hired people to finish it….I will get there….thinking by the end of April it should all be done….I really do miss the pool….


  2. Your pictures call to me – I am working on that visit so watch out, here I come! 1,000 calories is VERY light. The frustrating thing about weightloss (and yes, I was once over 100 lb heavier than I am now) is the plateauing. And the little raises from where you were because life got in the way. But eating 12-1,500 cals should see you shrinking nicely and you have your wordpress family egging you on and telling you truthfully that you ARE an inspiration 🙂 xx


      • YOu know, the hardest thing about moving here was continuity in exercise. First I had all the stuff I needed to do psychologically to adjust to being in a different time zone on a different continent and then I had the practicalities. For weeks I just ventured down the road to do a paltry mile and a bit walk on the flat (The Bean and I are used to doing rugged steep trails over 5-8 miles daily) with a few more miles walking with The Brains at weekends. I’ve been here since December 1 (with a tiny break back in Europe for Christmas) and I have only just started properly exercising again – gym twice weekly, running 4 days and resting 1. Give yourself a break honey-bun and it will all come together. And by the way – you ARE gorgeous 🙂 xxxx


      • you so kind….I know what I need to do but just getting back into a routine….aghhhh I really miss my old gym…it was so bohemian and kicked back…there are better gyms here but they don’t have pools so I am stuck with this little one in he foot hills….I am getting my mind wrapped around april and exercise…LOL I loved to jog, but when the arthritis started eating my knees I lost the ability to continue that….I can jog in the pool….so I just need to get off my duff and get back at it..kat

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      • Once upon a time I was an International rower and we weren’t allowed to run or jog on account of our precious knees. You’;; find your mojo if only because you will get tired of people like me being encouraging 😉 xx


      • good for her – rowing was once my absolute OBSESSION – my poor daughters spent their formative years on the river bank shouting ‘go mummy’ …. no wonder they chose independence 🙂


      • LOL….she has gotten away from it, but she loved it while she was in college…great exercise….and she was part of a 4 and 2 women team…she was in Portland Oregon, so she had beautiful rivers to practice on….kat

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