Day 11

I was on my way to bed but realized I hadn’t posted and I promised my self I would do this for the entire month…..we had a productive day…worked on the brick pathway up the side of the house..I counted the bricks we have left and realized we were about 500 short so I ordered another 1000 bricks…they will be here on Monday…it will be nice to have a surplus left over as we have a few ideas for more pathways to new sheds…LOL…we have the weekend to finish with what we have…I also ordered 5 yards of tock for tomorrow…it will get here at 9a…my husband wanted the white, I was still hoping for the Arizona pink, but it was 30$ more a yard…I would rather have the extra money go in to  he steps… I am hoping that most of the back yard will be done…ya…my brother hurt his back, he has bad discs and it doesn’t take much to hurt himself… so we had a gentleman (my brothers neighbor is a carpenter) come over and measure for 2 sets of steps and a small deck out the back door, finish getting the dishwasher put in  and the base board…..hopefully it won’t break the bank and we will be able to accept his bid…I am so ready for this to be done and get on with life….I am whining I know…sorry

Been an okay day….didn’t really count anything, but ate healthy and had a good work out hauling bricks and shoveling sand… going to go to bed as tomorrow will be just as busy…but at least I will be watching them work…..hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend….hopefully its sunny at your house…..kat


15 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Kat, I for one appreciate the work you put into improving the property. That is great exercise and you have a better appreciation of the outcome. Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress, I look forward to some pictures of the end product. Happy weekend dear! 🙂

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  2. Wow a ton of bricks! I have to admit I love this kind of work and can’t wait for the rain and possible snow to be done to get moving on the outside! it is therapy for me. For you it is huge work and a construction site, just kidding, Kat!!! Thanks for posting everyday I know it is hard. I kept feeling I was missing you remember? I guess that is what it was, the daily post! Love ya, take it easy, Lynnxxx

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  3. What is this tock, please? All those bricks and I’m with Lynn – this is the sort of work I love. We have a beautiful Spring day so when my online work is done I will be out in the yard sweeping leaves and starting to tidy it all up for my landscaping …. don’t get over-excited it won’t be much landscaping but it DOES need a lot of tidying 🙂

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