Day 13

Sunday evening….beginning of another week….tomorrow brings more rock and bricks…the yard should be complete before sunset!!!  I think the guys that are doing the job are so ready to be done…they both have full time jobs laying concrete….so I know this is stressing them…we hired the neighbor who is a carpenter to do 2 set of steps and a small deck out back…plus finish the kitchen where the dishwasher is and lay all the base board…my brother has seen his word and recommended him…this is what he does for a living….we worked out in the Arizona room…got things moved around and the floor mopped…cleaned windows and vacuumed out the dust in the inner windows…amazing at how much dust gets in…it is so fine and silky…pros and cons with living in a new place….reminds me of living on the coast in Washington state…kinda exciting to have to relearn how to live in  new territory….

Been doing okay on the food end of life…no journaling…life is just a little crazy, I haven’t mentioned to anyone that my son and his new bride have separated….something they both new before I left California, they choose not to tell me because they didn’t want to change my plans…so they waited until the end of January to tell me…of course I am heart broken for both of them….being a survivor of 2 divorces I am away of how difficult it is to get your center back and start living again….anyway just a huge stressor on my part…I realize there is nothing I can do to help them through this but be here if they need to talk….but it can sure keep you up at night……of course I am not using this as an excuse to eat, but man it would be easy to let it get out of control… I am happy that I am staying right at 260…up some weeks and then back down….I am hoping after the house is done and life is somewhat back to order… I am going to the gym and getting into some sort of routine….is that a pitiful excuse or what….

My hand joints have been exhibiting new bumps and swelling…guess its bound to happen…progression of the wonderful disease of arthritis….its not as bad as a lot others…and I am thankful that I have only a minimal amount of pain….the low humidity and warmth of the sun certainly is a huge help…..

I do have a new picture to share with you….this giant saguaro skeleton came with the house, she was buried in the sand rotting, so I dug her up and we stood her by the fence on the rocks so we could wire her to the brick fence….she even has an arm,, making her over 50 for sure…probably more like 80+  the niece wasn’t sure where her aunt got it but its certainly a wonderful trophy for me…LOL  may not look like a lot to some…but they are hard to come by…its against the law to pick up even dead saguaro in the desert…


Love the clean, sand free yard….

until tomorrow


24 thoughts on “Day 13

    • He won’t talk about it at all…he is one of the most stuborn men I have ever met….his father and I worried about his stubbornness when he was young…LOL I am terrible and his father took it to an entire new level…poor kid…..just wish he would open up about his feelings….perhaps someday…but he sounds good and is carrying on….thanks for thinking of him….no matter how old our kids get….they are always on our minds and in the front of our hearts….kat

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  1. So sorry for your son’s separation. I know the stress is difficult to deal with, especially when a child keeps their feelings and emotions to themselves.
    The yard looks great. Knowing that cactus has been around must be fun and exciting. Keep enjoying the sun, the warmth and the new environment. Until tomorrow…


  2. Woah! That is the most beautiful skeleton – so glad you are making her a feature … I rather hope my skeleton might be a feature instead of buried remain forgotten under the damp dank earth on day. But that is down to my daughters – I can hear their response to that request … ‘eugh mummy – you weirdo!’ xx


  3. That’s exciting about the yard! You’ve worked so hard and now you can sit back and enjoy it. Sorry to hear about your son. Your a great mom showing your support, even if he’s not ready to talk yet. Keep on trudging!


  4. You really are busy, kat!! I love that cactus, is there any chance of it coming back to life? Or it really is a skeleton? Very cool. I’m sorry about your son. But it’s wonderful that he has you to talk to and for support. Have a great, busy week! Jenny


    • Its really a skeleton….they eventually die and fall over and rot where they land…they weigh in the “tons” so really not something you just go out and pick up…I have always wanted one and it came with the house…I wish my son would talk to me…he won’t even answer a simple question….but he knows I am here if he needs me….enjoy the rest of the week…kat

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      • That’s very interesting about the cactus skeleton. And I wouldn’t think they’d weigh that much! I’m sorry your son won’t talk. But he knows you’re there for him, and eventually, when he’s ready, I’m sure he’ll want to talk to you. But it must be frustrating for you. If I were in your position, I’d want questions answered, just so I could better understand what was going on. But I know with my kids, they’ll talk when they’re ready. Have a good day kat! Jenny


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