Day 16

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day…..don’t forget to wear green….it was another great day here…in the low 90’s….perfect actually….

Tomorrow our guys will be finished in the house, they have a small area o finish and then they will be doing the steps and deck….I think my husband has cabin fever so we are going out for a drive…

just checking in…I will take some pictures of the blooming cactus in the yard and we painted some brick trim….that’s the most exciting thing that is happening at our house….

nothing on the food is what it is…arthritis is okay…even though we are in low humidity and dry heat, the joints still ache….but not as bad as they were in cold, wet California… whining…I am up and walking and doing well…

until tomorrow….erin go bragh !!!


10 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. We’re so glad to hear that you’re doing well and things seems to be running smoothly! Have a lovely time out and remember, wear something green, but make sure to eat or drink something green too! 😀 ~ Lynn & Alex


  2. It seems like so much is happening (everyday) in your life. I’m excited for you. I’m also a little concerned. Your journey towards continuing better health (which includes your desire for weight management) seems to be taking a back seat to the many tasks you are undertaking. It is NOT my intention to tell you what to do. As a friend, I simply wanted to point out (from a professional point of view) the road I have seen many travel. I wanted to mention something BEFORE your commitment to yourself got sidetracked. Life is exciting, but it is also very challenging. I wanted to make certain you realized you had a friend 2000 miles away that truly cares about your continued well being and wants you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Wishing you much continued happiness in the future.


    • Thank you Jonathan, I need to get back at it…I have kinda given myself a pass because of whats going on here, but you are 100% right!!! If I am committeed to living a better healthy life for myself it has to be up front and first…no matter…I shouldn’t come after the steps being made…I am not even making them..LOL I laugh because writing it down sounds so absurd….thanks for good talking too and its so nice to know I have a wonderful person on my side….my husband even mentioned to me that I was eating an awful lot compared to before….so easy to fall back into old habits of excuses….thank you again…I am recommit as I write this…your on my shoulder this week whispering in my ear…keep at it!!!! xxxkat

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