Day 18

Friday…work week over…onto the weekend…it was a good day…up early…did some yard work…cleaned the house, well straightened it up…game night was at our house this week…every Friday we all get together to play some dice game and a tile game called chicken foot, we + us, my brother and his wife and another couple, friends of my that was fun…they will all be leaving in the next few weeks…most of the winter visitors will be gone by the end of the month…looking forward to less people….

Doing okay in the food area…not counting calories….just watching what I eat…the stress of the house renovations are coming to an end…YAY…only the steps and small deck left and I am hoping that by the end of next week that will all be done….then we are stopping for awhile…just going to enjoy life without worrying about what more needs to be done…weather is great…..low 90’s….surprising how wonderful the dry heat arthritis is like the dry heat, so happy that some of the aches and pains are at bay…they have been bailing hay, so my allergies are acting up, but hey it is spring after all….I am not sure when they pant the cotton, but that is also grown here as well, my sinus’s really hate it when its harvested…hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of those crops…and harvest…pretty interesting…

Well I find myself part of the day sitting outside under our Ficus Trees…they are actually great shade trees and rustle in the wind….I rook a few pictures from my chair….


One of my favorite place to be…

Until tomorrow….


15 thoughts on “Day 18

    • a couple days are over 120, but according to the locals its around 107 and up….It stays around 80 to 90 at night….gonna be a learning experience for sure…my sister lived in Northern Calif. where it easily got up to 107 and higher…you just learn to do all your shopping in the earlier morning or middle of the night….LOL I will be taking lots of siesta’s this summer…LOL all the grocery stores and Walmart are open 24’s….

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      • We had 107 in France last year but it is very very rare. A learning curve for sure but I’m sure it will be a good curve! And you might get your buddy Sweaty Betty (that’s me by the way) knocking on your door for water which will surely make everything in your garden roses xx


      • anytime…knock on my door….and if only I could grow roses….LOL I miss being able to plant whatever I want…I have to play through the life cycle of the plant….we aren’t going to be here in July, we have MD appoints back home, so if they can’t live without water…well lets just say it will be a short life for them….we haven’t even started to think about a dip system yet…have a great weekend back east…are you getting the storm that’s blowing through??? kat


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