Day 19

Happy Saturday to all…been a great day….under my calorie count…counted every morsel that went into my mouth…Moved the calorie count up to 1200…a little more realistic for me at this time…no sugar, no flour, only good healthy food….back in control….well anyway it feels that way…

Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox…..There are two equinoxes every year – in March and September – when the Sun shines directly on the equator and the length of  night and day are early equal, it is followed by a full moon on the 23rd… a busy week ahead….

Some yard art we got the other day at the Arizona Market…


Cactus are starting to bloom in the yards…they are so beautiful…sorry picture doesn’t do it justice…


A young road runner, traveling up and down the fences to look for lizards….yummm  he is not afraid of anyone…in fact he is very defiant…LOL  I actually had to raise my voice and arms to get him to move along….we like our lizards….


Until tomorrow…


18 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Wonderful – I like all of it – the yard art is fun, the cactus are beautiful and the road runner, well I guess he can be a little annoying. Thanks kat, enjoy seeing the pictures – happy Sunday! 🙂


  2. 1200 calories is a number I have always been more comfortable with. It is easier to sustain without feeling deprived. It is a number that will effectively help you move toward your goal!

    Your pictures are wonderful. I am a lover of Arizona and am seriously considering making it a future home site. I like HOT and I love year round outdoors. How far is your location from Goodyear?

    Keep up the good work while enjoying the fruits of all your hard work.


    • Goodyear is about 2.5 hrs away…its northeast from us…we are on the border of Mexico and California…I am 8 miles from Calif and about 22 miles from Mexico….were the country bumpkins where Phoenix is up town…LOL its way to big for me…I like small town…just wish we were a little more upgrade as gar as stores… but no complaints….we love the fact you can be outside everyday..well not in the wind storms….but like all places it has it set backs…1200 calorie seems to be working for me…just that extra little bit helps….thanks do the engorgement….kat

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  3. Oooh! I have never seen an actual road runner …. I didn’t in fact know that they were a real thing. Ignorant fool that I am! and well done for the calorie triumph …. you can if you will! By the way – my birthday is the Autumnul Equinox – a fact that has always delighted me 🙂


    • They are beautiful and run just like the cartoons…they dash around here and there and they do not back down….they are also carnivorous and eat small birds and lizards….this was just a small one, I have seen them stand taller than my knees….LOL Beep Beep back at you…LOL

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