Day 20

Well my friend over at was nominated for an award, the good ole Liebster…well he is like me, doesn’t nominate anyone, but anyone who wants to can participate…so what the heck…looked like fun…its the end of a weekend might as well end it with some fun….if you haven’t visited his website before, I insist you swing by and have a look around, he’s a good man, loves his family, loves music and pictures and always has something interesting going on…..

So here it goes….

  1. Who/what was/is your favorite cartoon character?  Huckleberry Hound & Popeye
  2.  Where is your favorite place to vacation?   Any body of water..preferably an ocean….
  3.  Are you a parent?    Yes to a beautiful young woman, 39 and my handsome son 29..
  4.  What part of the world are you from?  Born in Western Washington, raised on the west coast in the Olympic National Park on the ocean.
  5. What is your sign?   Capricorn
  6. Do you believe in ghosts/hauntings?  yep
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight? oh yes…..
  8. What is your career, or what do you hope to have as your career?  It was administration in the Medical field, geriatric to be more specific..
  9. What is your favorite band? Oh my…hummmm  Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash
  10. What is your favorite cocktail?   Pina Colada’s and any French Champagne
  11. What is your theory about the key to happiness?   To surround yourself with happiness and as much joy as you can…keep all negative people, situations or vibes away from yourself….and smile and enjoy the moment your living in!!!

So that was fun…..

The weekend is over, and for some of you it is already well into Monday….been another good day….calories are right around 1500 and full of healthy calories at that…spent the morning at the outdoor Arizona Market…lots of walking…mostly just window shopping at the stalls….lots of “stuff/crap” for sale…LOL  something to do on the weekends….I did go by a few yard sales, nothing exciting there either….it was a warm day…95′ just another great day in desert paradise….not sure how much long I am going to be chanting that…LOL   I am learning that no matter how warm the sun is and how low the humidity is, 9%, the joints and bones still hurt…..oh well that’s what bengay and creams are for….LOL

Well hope this finds everyone doing well….spring is just around the corner…and summer not far behind…..

until tomorrow…..


19 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. I love sonofabeach! He’s got a great eye! Huckleberry hound? Lol I like that. Excellent answers and I enjoyed learning more about you!


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