Day 21


My gym…looks bigger than it really is…but hey its only 4 miles from my house and it has a pool!!!   Well it has taken 2 months and 21 days for me to join the gym…how wonderful to bob around in the pool…23 adults and 9 kids but I just closed my eyes and let the water take me away….I got in over 30 minutes of exercise..and was able to swim around some….I even used the hot tub before I left, and let me tell you it was hot…but my body thanked me after….they open at 6a…so I will go get a work out and then go swimming….hopefully most of them will still be in bed when I arrive…LOL…they don’t have a lot of machines but I will make the best of what they have…finally is all I can say….

Food is great….I am eating between 1200 and 1500 at this time….only good healthy food…no more eating after 6p….except popsicles….and they are waiting for me in the freezer….drinking detox ice tea and pumpkin….I am finally feeling like I am back in control…well as much as I can be….LOL…..Oh yeah I weighed in this morning….nothing to shocking, all my over eating finally has showed up on the scales…back up to 267….but no problem…I am determined to reach my next goal 250!!!! owning it….and moving on…..

Our new steps will be put in tomorrow…at least the front steps and the ones into the Arizona room…not sure if the deck is done..anyway that means we are so close to being finished…at least for awhile…..

so until tomorrow…can’t wait to report on the work out!!!!!


15 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. I noticed this was the first time (in a long time) you wrote about YOU FIRST and the house second. Looks like you have restored your priorities and made YOU the top one. I’m proud of you. It sounds like you have overcome a big hurdle and are ready to move forward enjoying your ever improving quality of life. I’m looking forward to reading about the journey! Stay healthy and happy my friend.


  2. The gym looks nice, so glad you are joined and ready to go! It sounds like you are back in control and that is a great feeling! It is so nice that the steps will be put in, i love seeing pictures of all the changes! Xxx


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