Day 23

Another windy day in desert paradise….it was so windy at the pool that it was blowing plastic chairs all around…but I got my 45 minutes of exercise in and some hot tub time….sure feels good to be back in the water…I went right after the water class, and there was only 6 women there, and then down to 2….so I almost had the pool to myself….very nice….gonna make a habit of getting there early….but I must say the inside of the gym was very busy….I will eventually get to the inside to work out but for now I am very happy with the pool….I forgot to mention that I was under 1200 calories yesterday, and I am today to!!  I am feeling so much better….I am still working on getting all the toxins that were in my system out, but out they go!!!  Its not that I was eating bad food, however there was some ice cream involved, but just over eating and way to much yeast products…I love bread products, however my body craves them….so I need to keep away from all white sugars, and all yeast product…I am sleeping better and waking up with a clearer mind….yay…..its working…..

Well its a full moon tonight…and one of my favorite…a crow moon….I urge you all to step out and do a twirl and send healing thoughts to Brussels… only takes a moment of you time… all know I will be out doing a jig for sure….


Arthritis is acting up with all the winds and cooler air…..but with creams, gloves and advil its all under control…I am not one to complain about my aches and pains…just –  chin up and carry one wants to hear me whine about my aches and pain and that.there are so many that are worse than myself…that deserve our healing energy….

Wow that was going to get deep…do on a lighter subject….remember clothes are optional for dancing under the moon….

mrsmendymac   if any of you follow Mendy…I would appreciate a shout out to her from me…I cannot no matter what I do reach her through WordPress…keeps telling me that there no such blog…????  Thanks….

Until tomorrow….my heart  aches for Brussels…..


31 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. I watched the moon rise about half an hour ago. It was amazing tonight! Here, the moon itself was like a peach color and the are at around it looked like a pink/orange aura. Beautiful! 😃


  2. Wonderful news from you…not so much from Brussels. We are certainly living in crazy times. The future is so undefined… we can only focus on making ourselves better healthier people and help promote this concept to the rest of the world. When we share a message of prosperity through unity, divisiveness takes a back seat. I can only hope and pray this message is heard and delivered for a better tomorrow.


  3. Hi Kat, great post, but now I have a vision of you twirling around in the buff under the light of the full moon!!!
    I follow MrsMendyMac and she does appear to have disappeared. All of her comments and posts and replies have gone. When you google her, the website “Feeling Swell” informs you that it has been deleted which is a shame.


  4. I saw the moon early this morning when taking the dog out. For a short period it was hiding behind the clouds – it was a beautiful sight. Seriously when I saw it, I thought about you and the dancing under the moon. Thanks kat, I enjoy reading your posts – you are a very positive influence. Happy day to you! 🙂


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