Day 24

Another good day in paradise….went swimming….worked out for 40 minutes and then chit chatted with some of the woman floating around on noodles…LOL  I found out there is another pool here near our home…it is only 12$ a month and you get a key to come and go as you please…no work out room, but lets be honest at the place I am paying 45$ a month the machines I could use is extremely limited, I counted 3…I can’t use the elliptical or the treadmill as it hurts my knee and they have a pull down I can use, of course free weights and a couple others that have to do with abds….I am thinking I would rather invest in a home security system over the machines….I have to give to get…so I am changing pools in April…there I talked myself into the change just like that…LOL  I have free weights and a big blue ball…I will do just fine…    its been a busy day…started by laying more bricks, got a good work out with that…so  that was good….and then the pool….food is around 1500…I was hungry today….so I had a wonderful fruit salad…put me right over the quota…so its all good…

Hope everyone was able to get a glance at the moon last night….it was so big and bright here…it was amazing…heres a shot I took as I was twirling….LOL



Here is a bloom on one of brothers cactus, a Santa Rita…I have a start in my yard and hope to have blossoms next year….


Until tomorrow


13 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Save your money Kat. If you get the exercise you enjoy and save over $30 per month there is no downside. I’ll bet David from Chape could show you exercises to do at home that would replicate many of the machine exercises and more.
    Keep it up and we’ll done on keeping to your challenge….


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