weigh in day…no weight loss and no weight gain….so its status quo…..good day….a little above the 1500 cal mark, but all good…

Were going on a road trip to meet up with my son for the weekend…in New Mexico…Gila National Forest, cliff dwellers….we are staying at a hot springs in the national forest…no cell phones, no wi-fi….really looking forward to doing nothing for a couple says…sitting in a hot springs enjoying life!!!  My son is staying longer, we are leaving on Sunday to head back this way….we are ready for a get away…and will be in one of my favorite places…Tucson, Saguaro National Park is there, we stay near the edge of the Park….so that will be fun….

Big Bertha bloomed…..wanted to share the picture I took…before and




Absolutely beautiful….



19 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Status quo is sometimes just as good as losing. Your body sometimes just needs to rest. Big Bertha is beautiful, before and after! Enjoy your weekend, Kat, it sounds wonderful and relaxing. We have a hot springs a couple of hours drive from where we live. We have gone for our anniversary a couple of times and love it!

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  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! And your trip sounds like so much fun. I find scales aren’t that accurate. Sometimes you lose fat but have retained water. It all evens out later.


  3. Those flowers are magnificent. I envision the “opening up of one’s soul.” It reveals the potential for incredible beauty and abundance. It seems unfortunate when people remain unopened “buds” all their lives (willingly or unwillingly) without experiencing the many possibilities life offers.

    Have a wonderful trip and enjoy some R&R.


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