We are home…

Oh my, you never know how bad you really need to get away until you go….It was so much fun, not only seeing my son, but just getting away…..I gave up on the ole calorie counting while I was away…but kept mindful about eating…and got plenty of exercise….some walking, swimming, and soaking in the hot springs…did a lot of reading…played some games….and had dinner every night with my son and his friend…I sure miss my kids…but the time we shared was so full of love just being together, we didn’t have time to fight and quarrel…LOL   I went down to there camp and enjoyed the hot springs with them…and sat around the fire eating dark chocolate and drinking sips of southern comfort….all in all a really great time…Our Campsite…we were the only ones there…whooo hoooo

gila campsiteThe cliffs all around us….

cliffis in gila

The Gila National Forest from the top of the road into the Cliff Dwellers Monument

Gila mountians

The huge rock where the cliff dwellers made there home on the back side of the rock…stands about 7000′ at the top…

gilaa cliff dewllwes

The weather varied, this was a really big thunder storm, started a few fires on the mountains but the hail and rain put them out…my phone camera didn’t catch the ominous looking cloud it really was….


The Gila River and one of the hot spring soakers…

gila spagila river

One the way through Arizona East of Phoenix….Lake Mohawk

lake mohawkred rocksSaguaros on top of a huge pile of red rocks, the road below was a really bad dirt road we ended up on after Lake Mohawk, we are up on top looking down to where we were headed….went on forever..at least it felt like it…the one below is at the end of the road…it had pavement the last 1/4 mile..LOL  the Beaver Tale cactus growing out of the side of the rocks….big road







bever tail

saguraThis huge mama was in our campsite on the way home…we stopped in Benson Arizona, the weather was windy and wet, rally hard to drive in, so we stopped and enjoyed the evening…I swam and used the hot tub got a good workout in…

Well glad to be home…I forgot how bad my arthritic body could hurt,  as soon as we were in cooler, damp climate….boom it all came back…LOL…not complaining but was just amazed at how much better I am in Yuma…however its been raining off and on here….not a lot, but its definitely cooler than when we left….

Back at it in the morning….kat