Ahhh the weekend is over…

Been a windy weekend…the dust was especially bad yesterday….I tried to sit outside in the corner of the carport area but the wind and dust kept finding me….and this morning its blowing around 22mph…..suppose to slow down this afternoon….certainly gives you cabin fever….LOL my new pool is over at the base of the foothills where the dust is picked up first so I have not been swimming for 2 days…hopefully I will get to go this afternoon…

I actually picked up the weights yesterday and started a routine…today I will increase the reps, I can say I don’t feel anything from yesterday….but again I am not into hurting the next day from workouts….Spent a good hour in the pool and got a good work out in..only one there so it was very zen……notice the flag in the background sticking straight out…it was windy…..


Doing pretty well in the calorie department…I seem to get to 6p and then around 8 my urge to eat starts…last night I ate granola….so I was over my quota by a bit…but it was all healthy food…just to much of it….today I am 1217…so all’s good…weigh in the morning and am hoping for some weight loss….but I will be happy just getting through the evening without eating….I keep saying popsicles, popsicles, popsicles….!!!

With the wind comes changes in the weather making arthritis raise its ugly head….even the dog is limping more….but its 6:30 and 85′, and the wind has stopped….yay….suppose to hit 99′ this week…look’s like summer is coming like it or not!!

So until tomorrow…..



13 thoughts on “Ahhh the weekend is over…

  1. That sounds like quite a wind storm. Good to see you shaking things up a bit with doing some light resistive exercises at home. The combination of swimming and resistive will work well for you.
    If you are getting cravings around 8pm you may not be spacing your meals well. Be careful with granola; usually a higher calorie food high in carbs and high in sugar. This can also increase sugar cravings and hunger.
    Start the week out well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your weigh in.


  2. I am not into wind, especially with the sand! I grew up in West Texas and we had our Spring sand storms, and I always felt dirty. Keep up the exercising kat, glad you are swimming and using weights – all good for you. Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. You are doing great! You have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways dear Kat! I feel on track for the first time in a year! Thanks for the motivation, have lost 3 pounds which is small but for me, huge! much love


    • Yay….and thanks for the loving words….were all here to help each other through our trials and tribulations….I lost 2#’s this week…so we are both headed in the right direction…..yay……lots of love back at you…..kat


  4. Oh my, I hope the dust settles down for you soon so you can get back in the pool. Keep at the weights, you’ll get great results with strength training. If your feel hungry it can also sometimes be a hydration thing. Most of think we drink enough but many don’t. Try drinking a 8oz glass of water when your hungry and see if it helps.


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