Whooo Hooo

Weigh in day…down #2….so I feel I am on the right track…I didn’t make it back to the pool today…been a bust day around the house…but I am soooo happy about my weight loss…feels good to see the scale finally move in the correct direction…makes me even more determined than ever…

Weather is back to desert heat – 93′ today and will be higher tomorrow….arthritis is better…as soon as the wind stops so do some of the aches…will be back in the pool tomorrow I can assure you that!!!

We spent better than half the day hanging shades in the house…something we needed to do for some time…LOL  first it was hang the holders for the shades, measure then go and have them all cut to fit the windows…LOL   nothing is ever an easy fix at this place…now I feel like I am in a cave again…LOL  but no one can see in so YAY to that…

Life is good….I feel wonderful and am looking forward to the week…may you all have a wonderful week as well….

I would love it if you all would go check out my friend –  Jonathan’s blog..    https://allabouthealthychoices.wordpress.com/                                                                                                                                   this is from his blog –  “The purpose of this blog is to expose readers to information that can help transform each of us to a new height of better understanding and self awareness.  In doing so, it will empower the reader to take back control of his or her own life and recognize what it requires to truly experience GOOD HEALTH and TRUE HAPPINESS.”   Please take a moment and go over and check him out….his advice and articles have helped many, and he is the best cheerleader, for no better words to have on your team to encourage you on!!!  Thank you Jonathan for all you do for us….

Until tomorrow….kat

18 thoughts on “Whooo Hooo

  1. Yea Kat – great news! Your posts always sound upbeat and exciting, no matter what is going on in your life. I enjoy reading your posts, they always bring a smile to my face. Have a Happy Tuesday. 🙂


  2. After the first few words in this post, I knew I was in for good news. Congratulations on another successful weigh in. You are doing so much better with balancing the reality of life’s situations and objectively proving it to yourself with the scale. You are always active even when sore. You stay within reasonable limits and obviously enjoy life. People who follow your site will see that happiness can be experienced even when situations can act as obstacles. (ex. arthritis) Keep enjoying life and the scales will continue to lighten. Be prepared for the expense of a new wardrobe!

    Thank you again for the additional mention. It is my honor to support your efforts and remain committed to see you achieve your desired goals. Although the transgender idea is gaining popularity, I don’t think my legs would do justice to a cheerleader outfit. None the less, I will remain open minded (and to raise money for a charitable event) will give it a shot. 😀
    Stay healthy and happy.


    • your so kind….thank you and it feels good to know that I can loose and back off to accommodate the aches and pains when needed…still working on late night eating…LOL but that too will get under control…you will always be my cheerleader regardless of the wardrobe!!! kat


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