Good Day

Had a great day….got a good work out in the pool…..I asked David over at Chape, he’s a trainer,  (if you haven’t checked out his blog I think you should!! He has great work out ideas… )

Anyway he said for every step in the pool it counts about 10 outside steps…way cool…I was wondering as people are very focused on getting there 10,000 steps in each day, and with an arthritic knee I am no where near that number, lucky if I get to a thousand….so I asked and he was very kind to get right back to me…so with the resistance in the water I can get in about 3 to 4 thousand steps, so that’s a great workout for me…….pretty good considering  !!  So thanks David!!!  I have been using the water weight buoys at the pool, with the water acting as resistance I think I am getting a good arm work out as well… and have found that I am also continuing working out at home…probably not as much as I should be, but still trying to get a few weights in….however working up a good sweat at home just vacuuming and cleaning is worth something…LOL

At 1500 calories…I made a pot of black beans and added fresh cut corn off the cob at the end, along with celery, carrots, and onions…..made great taco’s….thanks to Cheryl over at “Cheffie Cooks”  she gave me a great idea and I ran with it this morning…LOL  if your looking for great recipes, made with fresh products, go check her out…she’s also a sweetheart!!!

Life’s good in the desert…getting warmer this week…I leave you with a few quotes….



24 thoughts on “Good Day

  1. Kat, with all my issues, especially my replaced knee, I can not walk very far or fast and I can not swim or do aerobics (land or water). I started walking in the pool a few years ago and I got very fit. The resistance is better in the water, but it also lessens the blow when you step. I tried to start it up again a year ago but it triggered my sciatica and I had to stop. However, I am doing some prep work to get myself ready and I hope to get to the pool in a couple of months. Good on you for doing it! You go, girl!


    • thanks….I am able to move more freely in water for sure…but have my limitations with my knee…and I also have a bad heel tendon on my other leg…I have been putting off getting an injection in it…just babying it as I go….but walking in the pool seem to aggravate it….can’t win for loosing….LOL nothing worse than an inflamed sciatica… well my friend….steady as she goes….Kat

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  2. Kat, you are always happy and that shows in your posts. Always brings a smile to my face. Keep up the great progress, you are doing so very well. Have a happy day my friend! 🙂


    • thanks Terry…along, long time ago was friends with a woman who was always negative, never had a nice thing to say and felt sorry for herself….her and her alone changed my attitude on life…I never, ever want to be as miserable as she was…I worked hard to help her see the good in the world and her life but failed…so why not make the best of all situations…of course there are some sadness in life…but those are short and hopefully long in between….happy day…stay dry!!!

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  3. Love the positive attitude. You truly sound like you are enjoying life. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Wish more people would be willing to do what it takes to experience this type of joy. Keep up the good work and keep that smile broad!


    • thanks…and yes life is wonderful..could it be better, of course, it could always be better, but could it be worse, oh my yes it could…so I am enjoying what I have in the here and now….its all good!!!


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