Full Moon on Earth Day….

Well, its a full moon…you know what that means….time for a little dance after dark…hope you all join in….we can do double duty…Earth Day and full moon….sounds perfect…



Its been a busy few days….been swimming every day, getting a good work out there…its pretty nice, everyone has left and the pool is empty!!   It was very windy today, and the dust is flyin so I begged off from swimming, the pool in right at the foot of the hills where the wind blows the hardest….I will try to go in the morning before the wind starts….I have been doing so-so with the calories…today better than yesterday…one day at a time…

Been busy here….working in the yard….I am moving rocks, adding a new area for the garbage cans with the extra bricks we have….my brother brought over a wheel barrow full of cactus starts…got almost all of them planted…I was up before the sun on Monday and had them in the ground before the sun said good morning…

Before sunrise from the deck…


Just some of the new starts…our front …..behind the v bricks are small starts…



Some Oleanders for a little color on the side of the house…I can see them from my kitchen….I need some color…LOL


Can’t close off this blog with our saying how sad I am for the loss of our wonderful Prince…………………..May he rest in Peace….


43 thoughts on “Full Moon on Earth Day….

  1. That sunrise is breathtaking. Must give you lots of energy to start the day.
    As far as the calories are concerned, you might want to search answering the question, “WHY?”
    1. Have you broken from established meal planning?
    2. New stresses in life that are not being satisfied through other means?
    Answering the “WHY” becomes more important in the long haul. Everyone has good and bad days; when bad days start becoming bad weeks, an underlying problem might is the likely culprit.

    Good luck on solving the puzzle and have a wonderful weekend.


    • thanks….and yes I need to reboot…not sure why, I do know that everything here is backwards to what we know…I feel like it should be fall and its summer, as the winter here is like out summer in California…so I know my inner clock is a little wacko….I also am fightin my inner rebel these days…and I am having trouble sleeping…probably effecting the most, sleep pattern is way off…my husband likes it warmer to sleep….and of course I like it ice cold…so we are trying different things so we both can be happy….not always easy…LOL but thanks for the suggestion and to tell you the truth I just need to settle back down and get at it…at least I am not gaining…just staying status quo…..thank you for caring…means a lot…


  2. Kat, once again I thought about you this morning when I was up early and outside with the dog. I saw the moon, and thought of you and a smile came across my face. Great post dear, have a Happy Saturday! 🙂


  3. Hope you enjoyed your rendezvous with the full moon the other evening! Still trying to wrap my head around how someone as healthy as Prince could just drop dead. But, it happened to my neighbor last summer so I s’pose anything is possible. May they both RIP.


    • happen to my sister, she was having bad allergies and very full of mucuos, she started to cough and her trachea collapsed shut…nothing anyone could do, she passed…..she was healthy as a horse, with the exception of this case of allergies…..very sad….they sad he had been fighting off a bad cold or flu….you just never know….very sad….


      • Oh my! So sorry for your loss, what a scary way to die. Asphyxiation is frightening. This brought tears to my eyes…I can only imagine the pain your family felt from such a loss. You never imagine something like that happening and in just a moment it’s all over. *hugs*


      • yes…really puts life in perspective for me….this happen ten years ago and it seems like yesterday….other than the allergies was completely healthy, I spoke with more than 3 MD’s about her cause of death, they all told me unless she was standing in a place where they has the equipment to open an airway there would of been nothing anyone could of done….just one of those things, as they said…I am anxious to hear the autopsy results for our friend Prince…they also pointed out he was on Percocet for hip/joint pain…I jut hope he didn’t suffer….they say my sister didn’t suffer, however I think no being able to breath is suffering for at least the time your conscience…thank you for your kind words…she lives on in my heart…..kat


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