Monday, Monday..

Well its Monday, no fireworks, no redo on a long lost project. no restart on a diet that’s swerving off course, no scale, no sweating from over exercising, no wet bathing suit hanging in the shower…..its been a long week into a weekend….I was back at it and then, for some unknown reason to me…I swerved  off course….not bad, well not real bad, no binging, just eating to much and not all at one time….just continual grazing so to say…. I have been making huge fruit salads, and then they become smoothies….and they are ooooooh  sooooo good….so I really need to back away from the fruit counter…LOL   they are so full of sugar (pineapples, watermelon, grapes, oranges, kiwis, bananas) the list is endless, cheap and seem to be everywhere, they don’t  have the pears, peaches and nectarines, or plums, well they have them but they are not very good…….so its probably, no it is lighting up my sweet/addiction area in my brain…and my cravings for sweets have increased over the last 2 weeks…the reason I am analyzing my last couple weeks is a good man Dr. Jonathan                         suggested I ask why??  why am I falling off the path of health and wellness…Why am I back to my old habits and eating our of control??   WHY?  WHY?  WHY?   So I have been reflecting what’s been going on in my life as far as eating and why I am having problems….I haven’t really come up with anything concrete, there is my inner REBEL, bitch that she is has been sitting on my shoulder making me feel powerless again…I know boo hoo quite whining and get back at it….I have also been fighting a sinus issue, headaches and my sinus are throbbing….so I have been doing salt eater rinses and using my nasal spray from the doctor I have on hand for this problem….popping tylemol for a low grade  fever…..not an excuse, but still just another issue I am fighting…I have been  craving comfort foods…pretty sure its due to feeling crappie……no not looking for sympathy just trying to answer the WHY’s   The weather has been changing rapidly, well at least every 3 days it seems there is a new pressure system bowing over, wind, higher humidity than normal, enough to feel it in my joints and head….and with my sinus inflamed on top of this its really effecting me….and last but not least, our routine, our life routine is still off balance…the projects are finally coming to an end….I hope…LOL  so being off balance in our personal lives effects me more than any of the other I have mentioned….so I will continue to reflect on correcting the WHY’S and get back on the path to health and wellness….

I will leave you with a few pictures of some more yard work… Playing with the rocks…LOL we needed to make a place to put our big plastic garbage cans, I did not get a picture of that….but we had all these big rocks in that area….so I lined them up along the brick walk way….makes a simple reminder not to walk over them as I have new cactus along the edge, you really can’t see them this will help protect them…especially from me….



My brother put a hat and sun glasses on my small saguaro, LOL  however as soon as they drove off, they have left to go to there home up north for the summer, the disguise went in the bin…LOL                                                                                                                                                       I really am not just sitting around eating bon bon’s LOL  We have been removing all 13 windows in the Arizona Room, used an air gun to blow all the dust out of the window sills, we washed and cleaned everything of all dust…LOL  as much as we could…we decided to make them permanent windows, so we removed all the handles and put everything back, all 13 windows and sealed them shut with silicone….this has taken us 4+  days just to get the inside done…we have to remove the Az. screen on the outside so we can silicone them…..hopefully this will help with the dust coming in….long story short, we had a quote for new windows and the cheapest we could get, were over eight thousand dollars for the house, with the Az room being the biggest chunk of change…so we are taking the bull by the horn and sealing them shut…LOL they are over 33 years old…and the seals prove it…LOL  we are leaving the door windows that open alone so we have a breeze coming through….took over 50 bricks to make the landing for the garbage cans so that was all manual labor…LOL  sweating the oldies it wasn’t but sweat I did…LOL

I have decided that it helps to post every night….so see you tomorrow….xxkat




48 thoughts on “Monday, Monday..

  1. Now I can’t get that song out of my head, that is the title of your post.. 😬
    Kat, you’ve connected several dots for why.. We all want that comfort fix ( in whatever that may be ) when things are off kilter and sometimes even when things are going too well.. Vigilance is the best first line of defense.. And you really keep up with that.. The hardest part for most anyone is willpower, I don’t care what the battle is, willpower is a tough weapon to wield.. My thoughts and hopes are all willpower to you 😊

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  2. Kat, what drive you have – not just physically but mentally. You working through it all to achieve a goal – and you will get there. Both physical and mental work is that, work – not always easy. You are inspiring, fun and a joy to read. Have a great day dear! 🙂

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  3. You have been working so hard and have made so much progress Kat! Sticking with it and being amazing. I think the big thing is, you are now eating fruit and smoothies, not bon bons haha! You are doing great and you are a huge inspiration! It is easy to go back to habits that have been there for years! I know that for sure! Love the pictures and wow so much work you are doing! xxx

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  4. I think it is hardly surprising that you have been turning to sugar and comfort foods. Quite apart from the level of activity you have been sustaining and the fact that your body has been fighting a nasty sinus infection AND your inner rebel (don’t bin her entirely, I beg!) you have relocated. You have moved away from the familiar and as much as it is what you wanted and you can reason and rationalise I for one know how hard that is. And once the initial excitement is over, the adrenilin it becomes your new normal and that in itself is stressful. So cut the sugar, yes, get back on your wagon (I know you will because you are a model of determination and bluddy-mindedness) but stop beating up on yourself and remember how far you have travelled not just on your weightloss journey but also on your life journey. Hugs from Massive Chew Sets to you xx

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  5. Kat, do not stop what you are doing. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we must remember that life also comes along and throws us swerve balls. We must acknowledge that we cannot do everything or keep focused on everything so please be proud of yourself for not going too far off track. After all you haven’t sat and eaten a tub of ice cream after sitting in the house doing nothing all day.
    You are active and even your sweet treats are natural.
    Keep it all up!


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