Since I said I would post every night…here I am….been a busy day…counted all my calories….not to bad…1600calories, still not feeling 100% so I begged off the pool again….I seem to have a low grade fever tonight so just going to bed early…sinus issues….I feel  better after bearing my soul and working through all the WHY’s …thanks for all your kind words…I will be back at full bore soon…I promise…

This is going to be a short one tonight….until tomorrow….



17 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. Sympathies on the cold Kat. I can completely understand. I have been sipping Nyquil all week too. Good sleeps on that stuff. I am sure you will get back on track soon. You guys have been through soany changes recently that it would be hard not to fall off the wagon. xo hope you feel better soon 😊


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