Good day….no great day….up early, 1400 calories consumed, 40 minutes of pool exercise, did my home exercises…..feeling in control….!!!   No white sugar, No Yeast products, and No processed food….well I rarely eat processed food….but no bread was a biggie for me….feeing great…we worked around the house a little and then took off for the hills…literally….LOL

12725.jpg Picacho State Park

Spent the day at this beautiful park….from our place you see this picture (all pictures taken off internet)  I call it John Wayne…its big and beautiful…it reminds me of being in Monument Valley….It is located right on the other side of the border…in California…19 miles of dirt road, we definitely have to get a 4 wheel drive…LOL  one road in and out….at the end of the journey was the beautiful Colorado River….

images  It is nice to have water neat us….it was very peaceful and because of the time of year, we only ran into 3 other cars…there was also a Lake at the end of the rainbow…Lake Taylor….the Colorado runs right through it….

images9EY9O8ZK  Lake Taylor

It was a wonderful day….we love exploring out new home…..

Until tomorrow…..



15 thoughts on “Sunday….

    • It was like being on another planet….and its so close to our home…less than 30 miles…I had no idea at how beautiful it was up close….from a distance it reminds me of John Waynes movies…up close its a completely different are you doing…still at the new job?.kat

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  1. Really does sound like a great day. Nice to see the two of you always so active. I figure, when we die there will be plenty of time to lay around and do nothing! 🙂
    Keep up the great work.


    • I agree Jonathan…might as well get at it while we can…LOL Just wanted to let you know that I have been sharing some of your post on my Facebook page and I have several responses all positive, my Uncle in Caracas is really enjoying them….he sends his thanks…kat


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