Been a busy day….I did make it to the pool…I though I would be all alone…that was a laugh…I made # 14….but I got in, took over a corner in the deep in and got in a 35 minute work out….and they all floated to one side of the pool so I was able to get a few laps in…they were still coming when I left…LOL  they meaning older people riding the floating noodles around like a horse gossiping…..foods been okay… a little higher in the calories than I liked, but with salad &  fruits….been busy with house….trying to finish the  Arizona room…..not a lot to work with…

until tomorrow…..


13 thoughts on “Monday

    • I love the water…its nice to be able to jog, and move more freely without pain in the water….I still am limited at how much I can use one of my knees but its way better in the water….kat


  1. That made me laugh – the moment when you arrived at the pool thinking you’d be all alone and getting an attack of the blue rinse brigade instead. You are doing so well – going to be content that you have done your best means sleep (which also aids weightloss) must come easier. I want to see the Arizona room …. get to it 😉 xx


  2. Oh my yes……I just laugh inside at some of the BS I hear coming out of their mouths….there were both men and women!!! The men are worse than the woman as they get so boisterous!! Like a good comedy routine….hope your settling back in….kat


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