Another Good Day….do you get tired of me saying I had a good day all the time??  I don’t want to go over-board by saying fantastic, wonderful. over the moon day…but I am really having a great day most the time…LOL What can I say, I choose to live a positive life and make it the best dam day possible…food has been okay…I did have some ice cream and black berries…how can you pass on that….but just a small bowl…I am at 1132 calories…I have started my home exercise program…arms are sore, so I guess that’s a good thing…LOL  I have been following a fellow blogger, Billy over at…https://simplelivingover50.com/   his blog is about getting healthier, and staying out and in front of his DM, he has been talking about fasting and  the benefits that come with it…made me start thinking….I actually fast all the time…LOL  never even dawned to me…I rarely eat breakfast, just coffee and my vitamins….I normally don’t eat until after 12noon….been that way most of my life..so I am not sure it is working the same for me….I have always had trouble eating breakfast…food just doesn’t seem to interest me until after the morning hours….but am I hurting myself by not feeding my body in the morning?…believe me I am not really hungry even at noon, and it is a rare day if my tummy actually growls..hummm gonna have to think on this one….any ideas from you guys???.

Spent the day cleaning house…got a good workout in…vacuum, mopped, and dusted…even did some laundry…I was on a roll….LOL  then off to the store to continue to look for something for the Az room…we don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture or anything else for that room…LOL it gets really hot out there since they didn’t insulate it…Nice huh…so we are not sure how well things will survive…so after many stores, and sitting in way to many patio chairs we ended up with a adirondack chairs and side tables, a type of wicker…but made out of manmade material…easy to clean…the fake silk house plant is coming back into my bedroom…I miss house plants…since we will be traveling here and there we can’t leave plants in the house to die…as it is I have 2 I have to carry along with me…LOL  the pictures on the wall are new, we are trying to keep it beachy, bright and happy…we also happen to have 30′ of lace on the windows…LOL  makes it a little more like home…



I was up before dawn…I zoomed in so I could get Castle Dome…the little bump out in the distance…


Then I got busy on putting strips on the steps…my sweetheart didn’t like how hard it was to see all the steps at first glance, all being gray…so I put a little red stripe on them…



AFTER          13151883_10206143996898939_2960467893132689961_n   LOL !!!

Then the mail went….we have been trying out film for the windows that are difficult to cover with curtains…so the front in the kitchen has a bank of windows that people can look in…so we are using a type of heat resistant film with designs….it works and not to expensive…of course depending on the design and size…I like it…


As you can see my lace curtains don’t hide very much…LOL  so next best thing other than shades…..

So until tomorrow….

26 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. I hear it is real important to get that kick start with at least a small breakfast, but really I have no idea as I’m not a nutritionist. I do eat an Activia yogurt and sometimes a Halo mandarin in the morning.


    • my problem is, I really am not hungry…and once I start eating I hate to stop…..LOL some morning I do have oatmeal…love sticky, gooey oatmeal… LOL I am trying to only eat if my body tells me I am hungry and not my mind…otherwise I would graze all day…LOL

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  2. kat, I think when to eat is different for different people and should be decided by you. For me, I take in a lot of calories first thing in the morning and eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. I have my last meal around 5 PM. I like seeing the progress you are making both in yourself and your home. Happy Wednesday! 🙂


    • Thanks Terry…..you know the ol, breakfast is the most important meal of the day thing that was pounded into our minds…leaves me thinking….thanks for the kind words…we are trying to turn an ugly apple into a beauty…LOL of course I am talking about our home….and without spending to much money…resale is always in the back of our mind…..hope alls going well for you guys…kat

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  3. Always enjoy hearing when people feel good. It never gets tiring!

    I am partial to 3-6 meals during a day. It is easier to absorb nutrients, keeps people satiated without hormonal spiking and keeps the metabolism revved up. Of course, each person is unique with different needs.

    Your place looks better and better each day. You have really turned your place into a lovely home.

    Keep enjoying life and LOL as often as possible! 😀


    • Thanks Jonathan…..with being a food addict…seems the more I eat, the more I want…LOL nice…just glad its not heroin…LOL I waited today until my body told me I was hungry…and just ate enough to be satisfied…and will wait again until my body speaks to me again…if I go by my brain…I will be eating all day…and what I mean by my body telling me, is a couple stomach growls….at least I know its getting close to being empty at that time….and most the time I am still not really hungry….kat

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      • Since we have a wordpress relationship I would like to ask you a question. Naturally, you are not obligated in any way to answer if you aren’t comfortable.
        When my patients used to tell me they really weren’t hungry and kept their calories restricted (around 1200 calories,) I used to ask them why they felt they were not losing weight in the manner they desired. I have learned that perception and reality can vary greatly. You are active, happy, responsible about exercise and calorie consumption, yet something seems to be interfering with your goals. My question is, what do you think is impeding your progress?
        I ask out of concern and a desire to understand the complexities of people to better help those in need and looking for answers. Again, I completely respect your right to privacy and will continue our wordpress relationship regardless. 🙂


      • You make me smile….always hit the nail on the head don’t you….I haven’t been completely honest with myself….I have to stop eating late…I do my blog and poof I sit back to watch tv and my food addiction starts…..before I curbed with popsicles…can’t seem to get into them again…so I am afraid my late night munching is effecting my weight loss….whew glad I good say that out loud…I am not a closet eater, just can’t seem to get the late night eating under control again….before I would stand up and don 20 knee lifts every time I wanted to eat at night…that was a good cure all…..not sure why I can’t get back at it….I am loosing…but at a snails pace….I do wonderful up until I am sitting here alone in front of the boob tube…I know I hear you….turn it off and go to bed….maybe that’s the answer….so in all reality my calories at the time I blog are at that number, then I start to eat….I have to say that I haven’t gone over 1600calories all week, so I am doing way better…blogging helps…today I am at 1240 and its 2p…I plan to have some zucchini, which I love, later and that will bring my calorie quota up to 1320….I am so happy that you wrote to me, as I feel I can own it and will not eat more that that today….I will go back to doing the leg lifts…nothing like curbing the desire to eat than exercise…LOL.thank you jonathan…I hoped I answered your question…if not let me know what more you would like to know….mostly I can say I am a food a-holic and man its tuff to kick old habits….xxkat my email is atagoo@att.net if you ever want to reach me by e mail, but I have no problem answering any question you put at me….kat


      • Just wanted to say thank you again for helping me face my demon/rebel that seems to take over my sensible side….after I sent the last note I went and got a very serious workout in the pool for over an hour and have started doing what I know I should be doing….20+ knee lifts every time I think I need to go get something to eat…I am in charge and am totally aware of what I have to do…thank you again Jonathan…you may not think you did anything but ask me why and to share, but you opened up my eyes to what I need to do…and stop beating around the bush, its all about hard work…no one else can do it for me….thank you my friend…kat

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  4. Never get tired of having about someone’s good day! So much bad stuff happening all the time, it’s great to hear about the good. Breakfast is so important!!! How about trying a shake or a smoothie in the morning?


  5. I have the same issue Kat, have never been a breakfast eating person! So, I get it! I have my coffee and maybe some fruit if I can! But hard for me to eat before noon. I love the long curtains. When you said 30 feet I was like hmmm but it is so great to see! love the view and the stairs!


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