Well its been an interesting day….Dr. Jonathan, @ –

sent me a note –

Since we have a WordPress relationship I would like to ask you a question. Naturally, you are not obligated in any way to answer if you aren’t comfortable.
When my patients used to tell me they really weren’t hungry and kept their calories restricted (around 1200 calories,) I used to ask them why they felt they were not losing weight in the manner they desired. I have learned that perception and reality can vary greatly. You are active, happy, responsible about exercise and calorie consumption, yet something seems to be interfering with your goals. My question is, what do you think is impeding your progress?
I ask out of concern and a desire to understand the complexities of people to better help those in need and looking for answers. Again, I completely respect your right to privacy and will continue our wordpress relationship regardless.

My reply:

You make me smile….always hit the nail on the head don’t you….I haven’t been completely honest with myself….I have to stop eating late…I do my blog and poof I sit back to watch tv and my food addiction starts…..before I curbed with popsicles…can’t seem to get into them again…so I am afraid my late night munching is effecting my weight loss….whew glad I good say that out loud…I am not a closet eater, just can’t seem to get the late night eating under control again….before I would stand up and don 20 knee lifts every time I wanted to eat at night…that was a good cure all…..not sure why I can’t get back at it….I am loosing…but at a snails pace….I do wonderful up until I am sitting here alone in front of the boob tube…I know I hear you….turn it off and go to bed….maybe that’s the answer….so in all reality my calories at the time I blog are at that number, then I start to eat….I have to say that I haven’t gone over 1600calories all week, so I am doing way better…blogging helps…today I am at 1240 and its 2p…I plan to have some zucchini, which I love, later and that will bring my calorie quota up to 1320….I am so happy that you wrote to me, as I feel I can own it and will not eat more that that today….I will go back to doing the leg lifts…nothing like curbing the desire to eat than exercise…LOL.thank you jonathan…I hoped I answered your question…if not let me know what more you would like to know….mostly I can say I am a food a-holic and man its tuff to kick old habits….xxkat

And then:


Just wanted to say thank you again for helping me face my demon/rebel that seems to take over my sensible side….after I sent the last note I went and got a very serious workout in the pool for over an hour and have started doing what I know I should be doing….20+ knee lifts every time I think I need to go get something to eat…I am in charge and am totally aware of what I have to do…thank you again Jonathan…you may not think you did anything but ask me why and to share, but you opened up my eyes to what I need to do…and stop beating around the bush, its all about hard work…no one else can do it for me….thank you my friend…kat

So its been a day of soul searching and getting a grip on the late night eating…its working so far…its 7:30p and I am well on to my way to 100 knee lifts…LOL  time to get back to being in complete control and totally honest with myself and all of you…not that I have purposely lied to anyone, but since I haven’t been honest with myself , that means that I haven’t been with you all as well….for that I am sorry…didn’t mean too…its weigh in tomorrow –  I am excited to see if I am at least the same as last week…I had lost 1 pound on Friday when I checked so I am hoping I am at least even or less….no fingers crossed…it will be what it is….but I can guarantee that I am back in control and will not be swayed anymore by my inner rebel, that bitch is back where she belongs….I sit here shaking my head, I am 59 and have overcome huge obstacles in my life, but flash a frigin piece of bread, popcorn, ice cream or anything else that’s eatable and I am a goner… I have said it before and I will say it once again….hopefully for the last time…

Hello my name is Kathy and I am a food a-holic…..




32 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. You are a wonderful person that brightens the lives of those around you (and throughout the world through your blog site.) Your willingness to reveal such truth within your heart and soul magnifies the quality of character you possess. Your words (although directed to me) will resonate and touch the lives of perfect strangers who suffer from some form of addiction. This is a real physiological condition. Finding alternative resources that replace addictive food types is a challenge. You have already accomplished so much and should be so proud of yourself.

    Life is NOT linear. There are obstacles and set backs that cause heartache and frustration. This is the reality of life. The good news is every time we overcome an obstacle we become a little stronger and a little more confident. Your ability and willingness to share reality with all of us demonstrates just how strong you have become.

    Feel free to reach out to me any time you feel the need. I will bet you will see a world of comments on your blog site before I even have a chance to turn my computer on. This just proves the value you add to all our lives. Sleep well. Tomorrow starts another day of unlimited possibilities.
    Thank you for being a part of my life, Kat.
    Your friend,

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    • Oh my, you have brought tears to my eyes….It is I, that thinks I am the lucky one to have you in my life Jonathan, your a blessing to not only me, but so many others….you have helped so many of us with a huge array of problems and issues without hesitation, and all from your heart…you my friend are truly one in a million….I know I speak for the many on here…we are better because you.., thank you for the encouragement and being part of my life….xxxxxxkat

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  2. He is a wise man that Dr J.
    Intuitive and understands the bigger picture so readily it is almost scary.
    We are VERY lucky to have him in our circle of blogging friends.
    Listen to the man and learn from your experiences. It is the same for all of us so don’t feel like you are a special case!!
    Above all Kat, thank you for sharing and KEEP AT IT!!!

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    • thanks Cameron…and yes…Dr. Jonathan is such a blessing for us all to have as a friend on here….yep, he nailed me, and I needed it, and yet he did it is such a gentle way, pointed out the issues with a gentle touch….but man did it hit home…I went right out and put in a great workout in the pool and came home to finish it with a home session…LOL nicest kick in the pants I have ever had….down 3#’s since last Thursday so I am doing something right just need to be more consistent… thanks for the encouragement….and I am going to keep at it!!!

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  3. Kat-wonderful post of honesty! Finding healthful options are a focal point for you-It is not easy and you can not change habits over-night but I for one know you can and will do it. Sometimes it is not the caloric count so much as the food combinations that stagger weight loss. I am not suggesting becoming a vegan or vegetarian (unless you choose too) rather opt for other food group selections. You like all of us Foodies love different foods. You are human after all. LOL A once a week indulgence won’t hurt and is a goal to achieve, a treat to look forward to. While swimming, walking and other exercising is very important (Bravo for that) will power takes over Chicka! Lub Ya…xx Cheryl


  4. Kat, such honesty with oneself is inspiring. Such honest with the rest of the world is a testimony to the type of person you are – sincere. I think many of us have those demons, I know I do, sometimes we just got to keep them in a low profile – but realize they are still there. Thank you for this beautiful post, it reminds me to keep my strength also.


    • your to kind….I don’t feel like I failed myself or anyone else…its just such a shame that I can’t keep myself in check when it comes to food…kind of makes you feel foolish….but I do understand what I am fighting against…still its maddening….but thanks for the kind, encouraging words…kat

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  5. I’m with Terry on this – your honesty is, itself an inspiration. Dr J is an amazing man and it was a wonderful thing that he did by reaching out and touching the nerves but it is YOU who have owned up, not just to Jonathan and to yourself but publically right here to all of us that you have been struggling, that that pesky little demon has been whispering in your ear again and that you have been battling to get back to the place you were in before when you cruised through the evening without your tummy announcing that it needs to feed. I am wholly humbled to know you …. honesty is a rare thing and you are bare in your rareness. Thank YOU for being part of my world xx


    • Thank you Fiona…your to kind…hell I was just owning up to it…Ii love the Jonathan could see through my BS that I didn’t even know was really happening, well I guess deep down I knew what I was putting in my mouth, but man can I make excuses for doing it…LOL a swift gentle kick in the ares by my favorite Dr. was exactly what I needed to really straighten me out, plus all of you, thanks for being my friend…your a love…!!! kat

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  6. I claim that my blog is honest but it’s not, not at all. I just write close-up shots of the good or pretty or funny bits. I admire your honesty far more than I can tell you.
    Don’t forget to reward yourself for your progress.
    Cheering you on from over here!! L.


    • Thanks Lynda….really appreciate all the feed back..your blog is what you want it, if you only want to share your happiness, then that’s wonderful…I started my blog to journal my weight loss and path to wellness….I get off topic a lot, LOL but it is the one place I can go and put into word to myself and now share with all of you after I realized there was a wonderful huge community our here in WordPress…thanks for all the encouragement…xxxkat

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      • Exactly right. I like blogs that flow like a conversation and reflect real life. I suppose we all have to judicious about what we publish online so there’s a balancing act. I think that the blog forces me to evaluate my choices and I think I am living a better life with it than I did before it.
        We may need to have a conversation about popsicles (lol, we call them icepops)…I’ve promised the girls to make some fancy/healthy ones. There’s not much urgency, though, since it’s piddling rain (what’s new?)

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      • Send the rain….piddling or not we will take it….whats new…just getting back into some sort of routine with my life…feels good to be going back to a gym…its a mindless workout, my favorite kind…LOL and then follow up with swimming….little like heaven to me…..looking forward to July to seeing the ole place and kids….Enjoy your week my friend….kat

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      • It’s funny, spring was really cold and everything was late coming into leaf. A rise in temp combined with the rain has caused a massive rush of new growth. It’s quite spectacular. I am enjoying it!


  7. That’s great Kat! The hardest struggle in the weight loss journey is getting real with yourself. Once you accomplished that, anything is possible!!! Keep up the great work! You’ve got this!!!


  8. I told you a world of support would be there before I turned my computer on! Congratulations on your continuing SUCCESS and additional weight loss. Stay courageous, find happiness, share love. Have a wonderful weekend.


    • Thanks Jonathan….yes I can’t believe the love and support that is here is out WP community!!! Thanks for your continued support, you have no idea how much I appreciate it, and you….xxkat


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