Weigh in day….

Well you would think I am acting like a kid on the first day of school…LOL  I was awake at 4a…laid there waiting for the clock to tick by…didn’t want rush…LOL  so at 5a up took the dog out and did my thing, plugged in the coffee…tippy toed around, didn’t want hubby up disturbing the peaceful vibe…LOL  so back in to the scale…deep breath, actually said out..it is what it is…LOL   I have lost 3#’s.. last Thursday I weighed in at 270…and today I am 267….can’t think of how much bigger that number would of been, but no regrets…just do better in the future…so in all I am elated…whooo hoooo….on my way…I will do it, I will reach my next goal…it will not beat me!!!!   I can really get on a roll…I am sure I channel Helen Reddy sometimes…LOL….I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar….I won’t Eat Late Anymore…LA la LA la La…….I know I can be a jackass sometimes…LOL Anyway back to being serious….YAHOOOOOO   I am so happy that I didn’t gain any weight….I just need to tweek my eating habit, not my arse…LOL  I am on a roll I am so happy!!!!   Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words….

Well exercise was a bust at the pool today…we are having strong winds…hummm desert wind, dust…seems to be a repeat every other week here….anyway can’t see the mountains again so just getting my exercise in the house…

So Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone…I spent the day cooking….I happen to drive by my favorite vegie stand and Mr. Gonzales is back, a week late, but he’s here…he gave me a great deal on vine ripened tomatoes so I made tomato sauce….to day along with stuffed bell peppers…yum…


Stuffed with black beans, bell peppers, onion, garlic, lots of Italian Seasoning and fresh oregano….baked at 375′ for 45 minutes.. and the last 10 minutes I added the cotija cheese and parmesan…140 calories per bell pepper….and they were good!!  Add a salad

13177346_10206153650180265_4969085443048461948_n and we had our Cinco De Mayo lunch….it was yummy…finished the day off at 1600 calories….blaming the wonderful watermelon we picked up….juicy and sweet…

The wind is bringing in cold air and the bones and joints are making sure I am aware…LOL  but alls good…we might even get a little rain tomorrow…that would be a very nice change…2 days ago we hit 101’…we re having fun learning a complete new way of living….it is 180′ from what we were doing in California…

Until tomorrow…….


37 thoughts on “Weigh in day….

  1. Congratulations! That is great! Three pounds is nothing to sneeze at. and your sauce and peppers look amazing. I am very proud of you and you should be of yourself. I keep putting off my weigh-in which was supposed to be Monday. I am trying hard and will definitely weigh this coming Monday. You really are an inspiration!


    • my sister told me one where you saute bacon and onions together, add your pureed tomatoes, then you heat up eaqual amount of cream in a separate kettle, when they are the exact same temperature you mix them…she used rosemary, salt and pepper…sounded yummy….I actually made spaghetti sauce…laden with oregano….but home made tomato soup is really good….I like mine with large croutons on top….let me know what time lunch/dinner is, okay?? LOL

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  2. Fabulous achievement – pick pat on the back to you and take a bow please! The food looks scrumptious – I have a fridge full of peppers I picked up in the week so I know what do do with some of them. Black beans by the way are my new best friend – I simply adore them having never ever eaten them in Europe. Cinco de Mayo – I had never even heard of until we nipped into the liqueur store for some beer to cook mussels in last night (a triumph, I might add) and the fellow there suggested we should be drinking tequila. It had to be explained to me, which giving my connection to France and given it is a celebration of a victory over France is probably just as well 😉 xx


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