It’s Happening….


Well I did it…finally visited the last gym Yuma has to offer…and wouldn’t you know…its the best of them all and the cheapest…LOL  So I now have a membership to a gym again ($10 a month – 24/7)…I am jumping with joy…. they have a huge amount of free access to multiple machines to use as long as you want…then they have 2 separate circuit set ups…one is a 13 minute routine and the other 30 minute….kind of excited about both of those…I get a free session with a trainer to set up a routing…I will accept that even though I had a trainer at home for 3 months…I will go through the course to get all the info I can on there gym….and there are free classes offered…I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet….I am very excited, can you tell…LOL   My wonderful husband is on board completely….the only downside is no pool, but I have a great pool to work out in, just at a different location…oh well…its all good….I am so jacked I want to go to the gym tonight…but its mothers day and I have claimed it my day…had dinner at the Olive Garden early, tight when they opened at 11a to beat the crowds…it was insane at 11a…but we got right in and had a lovely lunch……yummm then we went house hunting and dreaming of the area we would want to live in ….that was fun….and educating…went by and checked on some friends house that have gone home for the summer…been a lovely day…ended with an ice cream and my pajamas….I hope everyone had a wonderful mum’s day….I know I did!!…

15 thoughts on “It’s Happening….

  1. I love nothing more than rubber necking at houses – a favourite game is ‘if you HAD to have one of the house’s in this street, circle, neighbourhood on pain of something absolutely unspeakable happening to you, which would you go for’ Two Brains and I are currently to be found wandering Massachusetts peering at other people’s front yards to garner ideas for the denuded beds in front of the house and make them beautiful in the blink of an eye (of course) and still musing over paint colours for clapboard and shutters. Life is so full of tribulations 😉

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    • Isn’t it though…we did that when we first moved here…I soon learned the choices were…brick, sand or rock of multiple colors..LOL and oh yes the plant choice…hummm cactus, cactus or oh yes more cactus…don’t get me wrong…I love cactus but really!!! you can put in palms of all sizes and bougainvillea, they seen to grow our of nothing and no water…. and oleanders…pink being the prominent. color…so I guess I shouldn’t whine to much…but no pansy’s, petunias, roses, iris’s I have always wanted a southwest yard…and now that I have one…well….careful what you wish for…LOL but house gawking is one of our favorite past times…when we travel we always wind up out in the neighborhoods rubbernecking the yards…LOL

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  2. What a wonderful mother’s day you had kat. And the gym, I like it! I current go to L.A. Fitness, but did check out Planet Fitness on our last trip to Vero Beach. There is no L.A. Fitness location there – we did like the Planet Fitness – good choice for you. Have a happy week dear! 🙂

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