Monday….was at the gym at 8:30a….actually got in a 40 minute work out…had a decent sweat on before I left…I really like my new gym….I have a meeting with a trainer to help me set up a personal routine…she also teaches classes in the morning so that might be worth a look at….she does circuit training…never tried that before in a group….might be interesting…and good way to get it out of the way for the day!!!  didn’t make it to the pool today…we are in the process of buy a jeep/truck 4 wheel drive so we can go out and play in the desert and if we get a truck, we will have hauling capability…that would be dam handy!!!   so that’s all that is happening at my house….eating is going well…over my quota today…but I am not being so rigid with my calories…just keeping up the exercise and journaling…still working on the late night eating…but all in all…I am doing just fine…

so until tomorrow….


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  1. Circuit training is terrific. In 30 minutes you can get a complete resistive and cardio workout in. Definitely worth incorporating in with swimming. Check to see if they have an electrical impedance device for measuring body fat. This is important because this will create a baseline to determine whether weight loss is muscle, water or fat. If your weight doesn’t fluctuate, it will also measure lean body mass which is heavier than body fat. Basically it makes certain you are losing the right type of weight.


  2. Glad you like the new gym kat – the circuit training is challenging, but good for you. I have not done that in years! And how exciting about the new truck! Have a great day! 🙂


  3. Trucks are great for hauling stuff! We are actually selling our truck as we also have a van, an SUV, and our daughter has a car. My hubby bought a trailer, so no need for so many dang vehicles parked in our backyard/driveway!! I hope the circuit training works out for you Kat!


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