Weigh in morning….

2#’s down….yay….I am feeling better…and noticing the loss…working really hard in the pool…I find that the time flies by jogging when your BS-ing with everyone…they are all floating around on there noodles…makes me laugh…I love talking with the older woman and men….its like a comedy skit….LOL   so that is helping…getting my late night waiting under control…so I know that is helping…all of your encouragement and kind words…I really do listen…and even try …LOL   that dam inner rebel..she’s got such a strong will…I am working hard to keep the bitch inline….LOL   but really I am excited about the weight loss and it really adds fuel to the fire….heading to the pool around 4p…suppose to crest 100 our today and I really don’t want to be in the sun..so will wait until it starts to set…hopefully the entire club won’t be thinking the same thing…LOL

arthritis is in check…how can it not in this kind of weather…LOL  my left knee lets me know if I have over used it in the pool, but I am paying attention…

Truck is in the shop getting her joints lubed and a full check up….so we should be able to go out next week and have a picnic at Palm Canyon

IMG_3843palm canyon20111211Kofa04N These are off the internet…I will take pictures to share after we go..looks like a fun place….I have been extremely surprised at every place we have gone into, so beautiful and it actually feels like its another planet…can’t wait…

With that I am going to leave you with a few pictures of one of my favorite places…Monument Valley…on the border of Arizona and Utah….really it is another planet….if you have never visited I suggest you pan to go…we are planning to head up in a week or so for a few days….sooooo incredibly beautiful….As you can see I got these off the internet…this is really where John Wayne made his movies way back when….I will work on find my pictures….they are stored on an external device….until then…you have thses


The Grand Canyon, this is what Arizona is famous for…its on all our license plates..


And Horse Shoe Canyon right above the Grand Canyon in Utah…13055541_888291194650129_2793824724954429884_n

Have a great day….I am!!!!

26 thoughts on “Weigh in morning….

  1. So glad to hear your morning results. Way to go!
    Looks like you’re in for some beautiful upcoming travel. Those pictures are gorgeous. I love Arizona and hope to make it a future residential destination.


    • Its a beautiful state….and the cost of living is so much less than good ole California…well I think just about anywhere else is cheaper than Cal….LOL we really loved the Tucson area but the cost of living and the amount of people were insane!!! And I don’t like Phoenix…love the surrounding area but to close to a smoggy city for me…Only place we have never explored in this state is Sedona…heading there next then up to Monument Valley….


  2. Congrats kat on continuing your journey to lose weight! So proud you must be and so am I. I bet you and hubby are looking forward to the new truck and the new adventures! How fun – I look forward to future pictures of your next travel. Happy day my friend! 🙂


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    • believe it or not, I don’t talk to anyone…LOL go in do my thing and leave….I am not a huge talker out in crowds…on here…well that’s a different format…I was on here for over a month when my daughter checked out my blog and she asked me if I realized that a bunch of other bloggers were writing to me…I had no idea…LOL but I do love to banter….LOL

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