104′ – Summer has arrived….sent 3 hours in the pool this afternoon…so nice to have the water to soak in….good work out for over 45 minutes…the rest of the time I, jogged or swam here and there…just staying cool….Was outside this morning and worked up a good sweat doing nothing really….LOL  I need to get back to the gym tomorrow…it suppose to cool down tomorrow and be in the 90’s not much of a cool down….LOL  but your mind plays games with you when the temp reaches triple digits…LOL   all good….calories around 1779… hungry today….so instead of fighting it I ate good food…

Weekend here…no plans at my house…stay cool, exercise and swim…LOL

Here is a picture of one of my cactus I put in last month…thinking it must be happy!!!

13151946_10206195969878231_5376178474765174315_n She has 3 big blooms…one should be open tomorrow….

and this is my mothers day present from my daughter….her friend in England is an artist

13174097_10206197324312091_4174421721724782656_n The different stations of the moon…hummmm you think my kids know me…LOL  I love it, its hanging right here by my chair….LOL

Well not much else happening…hope you all have a fantastic weekend…..


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  1. Glad to see you listened to your body and gave it quality calories. Some days we need more than others.
    Beautiful Mother’s Day gift. I will give you my address so your daughter can provide me with lovely presents as well! 😀
    Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend.


  2. I love that – supposed to cool down into the 90s! We cooled down into the 50s here today having reached a peak of 82! The cactus is gorgeous but the star of the show for me is that wonderful picture of the phases of the moon. Just beautiful and so utterly appropriate for you 🙂


    • Thanks…I love my moon!!! Ya is only gonna be 95 today…and in all reality…its not bad as long as your not our standing in the sun….its noon and only 87 out here…so won’t be to bad…hottest time is at 4p….I would love a 50 degree night here….isn’t going to happen….hope your having a fabulous Sunday…

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    • that’s a low temperature for the desert in the summer…I am told it gets up around 110+ and stays there in the day to drop around 80+ at night….gonna be interesting for sure…going from the coast to the desert….lOL


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