Weight in day…..didn’t loose and didn’t gain….so all in all it was a good week….could of it been better…yup!!   Do I know why I didn’t loose any weight…yup….to many calories….I was thinking since I stepped up the exercise I could feed the rebel a little more…but it was to much….so back to 1200 calorie tops!!!  No eating after 6p….oh well I was hoping!!!

Just got home from the pool…did a short leg workout….going to the gym in the morning…so looking forward to that…

not much else going on…same ol’ –  same ol’

Don’t forget Saturday is the full moon, a little jig for Terry And Gary to help send good vibes for the sale of the house…can’t hurt is all I am sayin!!!

until tomorrow…..


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    • I knew I was eating more, hoping the extra exercise would compensate…but I was hoping is the key word…LOL Have a fantastic weekend…enjoy the full moon Saturday…little jug for Terry…..kat


  1. Your weekly results are good results! Stay on course kat and the pounds will continue to melt away. Thank you for mentioning the jig this weekend – what a sweetheart you are! By the way, did you get the truck? 🙂


    • not yet, a cvg/j joint ,also went out as we turned into the transmission place…so waiting on a part from the dealers….hopefully Monday, today would be fantastic, but not realistic….can’t wait…we sure got taken on the truck scam…I called the guy but he stood firm that there was nothing wrong with it….hummmm I thought he was a nice guy too!!!

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  2. But it wasn’t a bad week. So it must have been a good week (thus speaks your very black and white and ever positive Massachusetts French English entirely confusing and probably more confused herself friend)


      • Haha! Bean is fine – no heartworm, no parasites or worms, fully sorted for monthly anti-treatments, given her kennel cough vaccine (up the snout … so glad I don’t need it), had a blood test (all clear of everything) and booked in to stay when we go on our mystery trip to Europe (Two Brains is being very mysterious but has something sorted for 2 weeks spanning our 3rd wedding anniversary) …. I am all good – off to Maine on Sunday through Wednesday after which I will try you again and hope your computer (and mine) are well mannered xx


      • OOOo I love surprise anniversary trips…it will be so much fun…Maine is beautiful….and I am glad Bean has a good place to take a vacation at…..look forward to tryin again when you get back…I am pretty sure it was mine!!!

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