What a great weekend….full moon, dancing, sunshine, gym, pool….life is good….

Hope you had as much fun as I did dancing in the moon beams….it was a beautiful night here in the desert and as usual the moon didn’t disappoint…sent all the good vibes I could muster to Our Good friends Terry and Gary and to Our Cameron over the pond…whooo hoooo, hee haw and yippeeee is all I can say !!!!

Had a great gym day on Saturday, really pushed until my muscles said no more….felt great…pools of course, Sunday was just the pool, we went to one of the local casinos, The Q –  Quechan… my sweetheart walked away with extra…so that was good…we always feel if we leave with enough to pay for the gas and lunch and maybe a couple extra bucks, then life is good….of course I am not a gambler, I sit in the car and read…LOL  all good for me….I did make it to the pool and got a lot of stretching in…so that felt good…and today, Monday hit the gym at 9a….I pushed myself some more…added weight to each rep and left feeling like I made a difference…pool this afternoon and actually got a good work out in there…I have been adding stretching  to my exercise in the pool and can’t believe how far I am able to actually stretch out…noticing some changes in my body from exercising in both the gym and water…how much stronger I am getting…feels great!!!!!

I can’t get over at the fruit and vegies down here…at first I wished I had a huge freezer here to put up more veg and fruit…but today I am glad I only have the one normal size over my fridge….I cleaned and froze 8#’s of huge fresh strawberries…..$1 a #…amazing…same with black berries and raspberries…but just 4#’s of each of those…LOL  we have fruit salads everyday…or smoothies..not to speak of the melons…all grown around here…sweet and plentiful…then the vegetable side of it…summer squash, zucchini, onions, carrots, fresh corn picked early this morning….bell peppers, Anaheim peppers, chili’s….so much fresh from the fields….yum!!!!  so I made up a huge batch of summer and zukes, carrots, mushrooms and lots of onions….steamed them for a short amount of time…and then tupper-wared them up in single servings….its not that we didn’t have all these wonderful foods in California, just for more $$…not sure where I could get 12 ears of corn for $2  can you tell I am excited…..LOL

Until tomorrow…..


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  1. kat, I am impressed with the workouts and the eating – what a role model you are. Those fruits and vegetables are good for all of us. I try to get as many as I can everyday! And thanks again for the dancing, I appreciate you! Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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