Took the day of from exercise…actually slept in till 9a…..guess I was tired…been having crazy dreams…you James Bond stuff and oh yes one night I was on gall bladder dialysis…LOL  no such thing…pretty bizarre….I don’t get much sleep when I am so busy saving the world and trying to stay alive…LOL  plus its cooled off and it was 66′ last night so the cool air was great…..but that’s just a tease as I see by the middle of next week its warming up to over 105′ – so I am taking advantage of it…LOL

Truck has been put off till tomorrow…so maybe we can make it out to Palm Canyon this weekend….

Doing great calorie wise…under 1500 today…I went over and picked up another 12#’s of strawberries and they are all cleaned and in the freezer already…will bag them in the morning… frozen strawberries in my smoothies…

So I will leave you with a few pictures of home….can’t wait to head back and see it and everyone….

cropped-13226745_10154240835012079_1892594460906929094_n.jpgOne of my favorite bridges..Golden Gate13254058_10154255237232079_7684873478374588800_nCoit Tower, San Francisco13240157_10154237945017079_1627066327399231746_nOur new Bay Bridge…really pretty at night13173683_10154216393017079_6966909665227641118_n The famous Lombardi Street in SF….the most crooked street in the word….we used to cut school and go to the city and play…..

Then there is the ocean about 20 minutes from my house….I really miss it…


Back at tomorrow….until then….kat



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    • We are heading back on June 30th…we are taking 2 cars…the rv and car…my husband will be back in a couple weeks, after all the MD appointments I will stay on till the first week in August…I have a road trip planned with my daughter up north to see my sister and just take in the ocean, restaurants (my favorites) and good friends…my best friend is flying out from NY to visit, so very excited….LOL

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      • We have a FourWind…19G its probley shorter than your truck…LOL but its fully contained. Shower, generator, propane…the works all in a little compact box…LOL we are 19.5 bumper to bumper…

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      • Very cute, I just googled it, we decided to go with a travel trailer – it should be big enough for both of us to live fulltime, without getting something much bigger than we really want right now.


      • we were on the cusp of trading in for a bigger rig and haul a small car or truck and trailer…but low and behold we bought this place in November…squelching that plan…LOL who knows what the future holds for us…but as for know we are keeping the RV…..LOL you’ll be glad that you can un hook and drive away to go check out the area you are staying in….your going to have so much fun!!!!

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  2. Kat San Fran is one of my favourite cities to visit when I visit the states and I have been there many times over the years. I bet it has changed some and yet all the character and style would be still there. Been awhile wish I could drop in for a weekend, but alas a bit far from Australia.


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