Good day, finishing today off at 1200 calories….I made it to the gym yesterday and the pool so exercise was good….Life is good…..

Its been a fun day….we went out into the desert, up King Valley, and actually got off the dirt road and drove around out in the desert….we learned today it would be so easy ro get lost…. Once you get off the main road, and head out into the desert, with out a compass, or knowledge of the surrounding mountains you could drive in circles for hours and never cross the same path….amazing place the desert…trust me we didn’t leave the dirt road very far…then we went up to Palm Canyon…didn’t make the walk up tot he palms as it was getting to hot and the little black knit’s/flies….they wanted to eat us…LOL  so we will go back another time….But it was so beautiful just driving up to mountains….we spent several hours just driving and enjoying the beautiful  scenery of the Sonoran Desert….so happy we got a 4 wheel drive truck…let me tell you I had a blast in it…Here are some pictures from todays outing….

13263694_10206289782543489_2621056476229476408_nShe had a crown of flowers on top!!!  Blooming Saguaro’s everywhere this year in the desert….amazing!!!


Until later…kat



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  1. An amazing adventure outside your doorstep! I look forward to seeing more of the surrounding area! Glad you finally got the truck – very excited for you! Have a great weekend kat, I appreciate your friendship! 🙂


  2. Now this is my definition of living life. I think the desert is magnificent. I love its size, its beauty and its willingness to accept all living things. With all that said, it places boundaries of safety we need not challenge.
    Sounds like all is well on the fitness front. Wonderful!


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