A good, hot day in the desert paradise…I was going to the gym this morning but it was 100 before 10a so I bagged that…we are hunkered down in the house keeping cool…drinking lots of water and watching the French Opens….looks cold and damp there….YAY Serena finally won!!!!  Great match…

trying to stay under 1200 calories today…have to own up I was closer to 1800 calories but the time I finally went to bed last night…so I am stating the fact I will not eat after 6p tonight even if I have to naw on my arm!!!   LOL  its a little ridiculous that I can’t get it under control again…after all I am a grown ass woman!!!!  I have lots of excuses floating round in my head, but they all sound lame when I start to right them down..so lets call it like it is….its all me……aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I will be strong and do!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am woman hear me roar……LOL

since I really have nothing to report…I leave you all with these…

13325625_1185955101436408_6303445838811001270_n13173747_1176553219043263_5923922183397596625_n I miss the ocean….

And my favorite…….





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  1. Yes, the last one is my favorite also. Don’t be too hard on yourself kat, just pick yourself up and keep trying – keep moving forward. We will finally be getting the hot weather next week – I am looking forward to it. Happy Weekend! 🙂


    • thanks..I will hit the pool after the sun goes down and get a good work out in…can’t bring myself to go to the gym in this hot heat…maybe late night or really early morning would be okay….get ready for it, next week go back down to the low 100’s much more tolerable for us…Happy Weekend to you guys too!!!! kat

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