new-moon  Another reason to have a twirl under the big NEW MOON…..not that I need a reason, but new moons are just as magical as a full moons….so go out do a jig, twirl or full on move about….and think about what you would like the universe to know, help solve or just listen…..tonight I will have our friend Terry ( )   in my thoughts….asking the universe to care and heal him….and for out Oxford buddy, Cameron  (  )  for clear weather and a fantastic walk for his charity HENRY….I you have never visited these  2 wonderful men…go on over….read their blogs….they are a couple of good guys!!!   and as always clothes are optional while dancing tonight….LOL

Been a wonderfully hot weekend…LOL  up to 114 yesterday….been watching a lot of Copa America soccer on the TV, to hot to do much else…LOL  I have been able to stop eating the last 2 nights at 6p…feels good to get a little control over the inner rebel…calories  on Friday 1087 and yesterday 1323…so within my range…1000 to 1500…we are trying to get the freezer cleaned out as we leave in 3 weeks so its been pick and choose…LOL  so that’s a good thing…as I always make extra and freeze…I hate to say I haven’t been back to the gym….it just seems to hot to go work out in a hot gym….but I have been at the pool, with the exception of yesterday…just to hot…sounds crazy,you would think I would be there most the day…I will be there tonight for sure…I need to get a work out in and absorb some moisture…LOL   I can dance in the pool as I don’t go until the sun sets…LOL

Lifes good in desert paradise….looking forward to the new week….keep smiling and twirling…..LOL


18 thoughts on “NEW MOON…..

  1. You are such a sweetheart – dancing in the moonlight and thinking of me and possibly being naked? I could not ask for anything more. LOL, I truly appreciate you and your support, it means a great deal to me. You are one wonderful person! You inspire me and for this I am grateful our paths have crossed. You are doing great on the eating and exercising, keep it up – you know you can do it – and I know also. I will be thinking about you early tomorrow morning while I am dancing under the moonlight and thinking to myself ‘She is out there somewhere’. LOL, have a beautiful day my friend. 🙂


  2. Hey Kat! Thanks ever so much for the shout out 🙂
    Getting closer and closer but I know now that as you have done a jig for me all will be well on my walk and I shall get the walk that I want and cover the ground with ease.
    Thanks for putting me in your thoughts.
    Now, have you ever tried to send the vibes to make a love life complete?
    Just wondering as I could do with some help in that department as always….


    • Oh no…any night will work…the moon last night was beautiful…a little sliver of silver on the edge…working its way to a full moon later in the month…don’t wait….dance, dance, dance any night!!!! Moon beams are magical no matter!!!!

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