Down 3#’s

Tuesday…..hope everyone is having a great week….cooling off her, well its in the low 100’s, for the desert I have been told that is more normal for this time…

Good day…I have taken the last 2 days off from journaling…just needed a break…down 3#’s…..since the temperature is more livable I am going to make it to the gym tomorrow…and I am thinking I will try the pool in the morning….the sun UV rays are at the worst in the afternoon so I am changing it up a little…I miss swimming but I need to protect my eyes…and flesh…LOL   I wear both UV glasses and sun screen, but why change it if I don’t have to….actually I read up on UV and I think I will avoid them if I can….LOL   nasty little rays!!!!    Down 3#’s….I should be happy about this but it is the same frigin 3#’s I keep gaining and loosing for over a month…its like 3 steps forward and stumble 3 steps back….aghhh   I am hoping to break that this week…fingers crossed and butt in the pool….LOL

13339504_10206635058063770_7669662178262859288_n  Picture found on Facebook of the New Moon….I could barely see it down here, but I knew she was up there and I danced, danced, danced…even though it was over 100!!!   LOL….and last night it was a beautiful silver, sliver on the giant orb…beautiful…..

life is good in desert paradise….well the best it can be for summer…LOL  getting excited about see my kids…3 weeks and we head to the coast…yay…..

enjoy the week….kat


14 thoughts on “Down 3#’s

  1. I am confident those frigin 3#s will be gone in no time. You have determination kat, and you will move past those 3#s. You seem happy, and I am happy for you. I am also excited you will be seeing the kids soon, I know that is important to you. Have a wonderful day my friend – stay out of that hot sun. 🙂


  2. When weight cycles up and down the same few pounds, it is usually time to shake things up a bit. I used to have patients do a second round of (mild) exercise the same day they already exercised. It got them moving while providing additional incentive to modify their current behavior. As they broke the weight cycle, they could return to their normal workout routine. Those committed to becoming HEALTHY (while losing weight) were able to alter any behaviors holding them back. There motivation was reducing their exercise back to 1X/day!
    The second exercise was NOT strenuous; it was more annoying than anything else. Since people don’t like to annoy themselves it provided the perfect motivation to get back on track.
    Hope this idea helps you.
    Stay focused on the joys and passions in life and the food loses its relevancy. (An important trick to overcoming food addiction!)


    • Thanks Jonathan, I am dealing with a little depression on top of everything…I think I nailed the reason finally this morning…my border collie, Chika, whos been with me longer than I have been married to anyone man, LOL, is 13 and her hip dysplasia and arthritis are knowing at her joints…shes been on medication to help keep this all under control but it is not as effective as it once way…we are going to the vet in July and will decide then if it is the end or not….so I am internalizing this over and over again…not ready to let my best friend go, but I always said I would not let her live in pain….I think that is part of my problem of no energy and less exercise…really trying to keep a handle on the food end of life…..I do have my hand weights sitting here by my chair in the livingroom and will lift them back up and put those back into my evening routing….and will be back in the pool tonight as I have made a date with a girlfriend to meet after the hot nasty sun goes down….thanks for to inspiring words and I will get back at it….I can still worry and exercise at the same time….glad to see you back on here…I gathered you went to see your father, hope he is doing well….xxkat


  3. Good luck with those pesky pounds. Dr Jonathan had great advice. Watching Masterchef isn’t helping my food fantasies one iota. I’ll be kind to you and stop there. Being hot over there, should help the weight loss. I just feel like eating salads in Summer and all the chocolate melts and goes yuck. Now that it’s Winter, i’s obviously NOT.
    Went for a beach walk on dusk with my daughter who had a friend over and the dogs. They had fun drawing pictures in the sand together and running along. Had a great chat with her parents afterwards, which was fabulous. The night ran away from us, which was such a treat. Our friendships have gone on the backburner for awhile and we need to meet some new people.
    Take care my friend!
    Love, Ro


    • Thanks…Jonathan always has great advise…and I take it and try to use it daily….the beach sounds lovely to walk on…hope to get to outs several times while back on the coast…it has cooled off alittle, only in the high 90’s…morning are nice and cool…but that’s not the reason I went on a carb ride…the pancakes just started it…like doing drugs…you have a little and want a lot more…LoL I knew better but I love fluffy pancakes…I thought better to eat them in a restaurant than have the makings in my house…LOL I was so wrong…lifes good here…just getting on with it….our Master Chef is just getting under way….and it does make you want to go out and cook….LOL great weekend to you my friend….xxkat


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