Started with a short stack of pancakes at 7a after we dropped off the truck for a diagnosis….hummmm just went down hill from there….glad the day is over and waking up tomorrow no doubt with a carb hangover….I will go to the gym if it is the last thing I do tomorrow….aghh.   owning it and moving on….also kicking my arse around a little….

I leave you with some humor…..

"Man, I am stuffed."

“Man, I am stuffed.”


'Too much intake - not enough burnout.'

‘Too much intake – not enough burnout.’

'It's partly glandular and partly 8,500 calories per day.'

‘It’s partly glandular and partly 8,500 calories per day.’

'Will we ever get a morning-after pill for over-eating?'

‘Will we ever get a morning-after pill for over-eating?’

retaining food cartoon



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  1. All of us experience the “day from hell.” Your attitude about starting over the next day is perfect. Don’t try to make up for the previous day. This only causes additional resentment. Re-focus and do what you know you need to do for your health and well being. It’s easier to push oneself through exercise and healthier eating when we aren’t angry with ourselves. We all love you… why not join in?!!


    • already there my friend…sipping on detox tea, along with my coffee and have taken some Naprosyn for my stiff joints from the carbs and actually have my work out clothes on….no beating my self up internally….but I can get a good work out at the gym for payback….lol to windy (dusty) to go swimming…so the gym it always thanks for the encouraging words and great advice…..kat


  2. Hi Kat,
    Loved the cartoons and thanks so much for the laugh. I like the sound of the morning after pill for a big indulgence. There are, of course, less elegant strategies…!
    Watching Masterchef isn’t doing wonders for my food consumption and we’re all getting fussy! We’re looking for a bit of “crunch”, “acidity” and a lot more too!
    How’s the heat going? WE have some lovely sunshine outside.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    xx Ro


    • Well, I love corn tortillas in the oven tell crunchy and lime squeezed on them….crunch and acid….LOL as a little cream cheese and you add in dairy…lol we have wind and sunshine…soon it will be just warm wind…LOL right now its a beautiful morning…cool, and fresh….kat

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      • That sounds great. I’ll have to try it. You and I would be a hoot watching Masterchef together. They like their “crunch” and “acidity” as well as “the hero” of the dish. I keep picturing a carrot wearing a Superman suit. It makes perfect sense to me!
        BTW, my daughter had her friend over yesterday and appropriated my raspberries and popped them in the ice cube tray added water and made raspberry ice cubes to put in their home made lemonade…a great Winter drink! She’d conned my mother into taking her to Kmart and buying these glass “milk” bottles and fancy straws. She is quite the little Madam but she makes me laugh.
        To clean her room up, I loaded all the crates of stuff into the bathtub in my ensuite and raking all the residual crap under her desk. It was a miracle. This was taking the whole thing of hiding the dirty pan in the oven when you have guests to a whole new level!
        One of these days…
        xx Ro


      • LOL love it….my daughters room was always spic and span…but my son was another story….he was a hoarder….I came home from work one day and there were car parts spilling out into the living room…a Volvo bumper to be exact…LOL he had the makings of a full old Volvo in his room…LOL it took all the patience of a Saint to deal with him…LOL he’s the one who, after he moved out into his own place who would park his motorcycles in the kitchen…easier to work on…LOL I am glad he is over that phase and has a proper garage and space for his outside toys…LOL I love your daughter….starting early, nothing wrong with that…I freeze grapes, black berries and other fruits and use them like ice cubes, but I love the berries in the ice cube trays…tell her to make some lemonade next time to use as the liquid to freeze in or just add lemon or lime to the water…won’t water down the lemonade as it melts in the drink…just a thought….I love cooking shows…LOL wished we lived closer, think of the meals we could dream up….LOL kat

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      • And the mischief…though you’re not getting me out there dancing to the moon!
        Love the story of your son with the part in the house. I could see my husband doing something like that years ago.
        Our son is much more contained but he’s mainly using his electronics and doesn’t make as much mess. My daughter’s mind flies at a thousand miles an hour with projects scattered around the house and nothing cleaned up either! Should train Bilbo to round her up before she starts the next activity! However, when he’s needing to round her up to get his dinner, he usually goes to Geoff to get him to give her a move on. He’s a smart dog! Knows how things operate around here, including that Geoff only gives him snacks in his bowl while I feed him where I am. He comes and parks himself next to me without any shame, dobbing me in.


      • Our border is the same…we feed her at the same time everyday…and about an hour before meal time, she starts going back and forth from me to Peter with her big eyes and licking chops…LOL and she always get a kibble (dry dog bone) after like dessert and let me tell you she doesn’t let you forget that…after life is all good again…gotta love a tenacious dog….LOL and sister you must try just one twirl under the moon beams…..its good for your soul….as you twirl think good thoughts about what you want the universe to help you with….its freeing…I dare you to try it….bet your daughter would be out there with you…LOL


  3. Oops, you fell off the wagon. Never mind – just hop (or scramble) back on and all will be well. Please explain what a ‘short stack’ is …. is there a long one too? I’m still learning American!


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