Ahhhh a cool breeze and fresh air…..oh how I missed this….we spent last night on the north side of the Grapevine, the pass from Los Angeles to the central valley are of California….it was a brisk 46′ this morning and we had both the electrical and the gas heater going….LOL   it was a high of 77′ today….perfect for me….but the joints and arthritis are well aware we have left the hot, dry heat….we have landed at Jackson Casino for tonight….blue skies and white fluffy clouds…snow on the Sierra Nevada’s not to far away….and that cool breeze had come in to kiss us goodnight… my husband is not happy, as he likes the hot weather….we will head over to his nieces on the American River for tomorrow night and then head back to our old stomping grounds and see the house for the first time in a 1/2 year….can’t wait actually….but a little apprehensive as nothing inside is mine, well whats left is all in my office and upstairs and one bedroom is the same….but really nothing else belongs to us…oh well gonna be weird for sure…LOL

eating, well lets just day I was under 1500 the last 2 days….but today got a way from me with traveling 7 hours and eating at restuarants….so tomorrow will be somewhat of fasting…I would say I have hit 2000 today, thats a lot for me!!!!.  but no crying over spilled milk so to say, or eaten calories   LOL

Just wanted to catch up since we have wifi here….tomorrow we will dry camp, no electricity, or running water…just what we have on board….sounds bad, but it really isn’t…LOL…I am just spoiled….LOL

Well the sun had set and my eyes are heavy…..enjoy the weekend….kat




15 thoughts on “Thursday….

  1. kat, I know you are enjoying the travels since it began. You have lots to look forward to in the next several weeks – what fun! Stay in touch, I look forward to reading more about the trip. Happy Friday to you! 🙂


    • Well we are sitting here in the Jackson Casino RV resort…..very nice and really good WI-FI so I am taking full advantage of it…we head over to stay at Camp Lotus on the American River tonight, our niece lives just a couple miles from there…its in the little gold town of Coloma, Ca. Lots of interesting history there….then we will head to the home base…anxious to see the house and yard…mu cousin who lives there is a gardener and the pictures she sends are beautiful….hope your in higher spirits today and the pain is staying at bay…the moon was out last night, bright and beautiful, so I did a little twirl for you and your pain…..couldn’t hurt I thought…so hope it sent healing beams toward you….xxkat

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      • Your travel sounds very exciting – I am excited for you. The pain was good today, I did have my moments this morning, because last night was difficult. Gary and I decided to look again at some RVs today and we changed our mind on getting a travel trailer. We decided to go with a light-weight 5th wheel. I think we will be buying it tomorrow – so much going on here. Safe travels my friend! 🙂


      • that sounds like a smart choice….if you et an RV I would recommend a small tow car…its so nice to be able to park the RV and then drive away….with the truck and 5th wheel that will be possible….I lived in a nice 5th wheel in Alaska on an island in the early 80’s….very homey!!!! were having fun….kat

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